About CP

A lot of you have questions about Club Penguin. Well, I can answer them! You’ll get the facts RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, and only here in a quick n’ easy way! (search keywords by pressing CTRL+F, if you have Windows.) Read through here to prove to liars and noobs that you know more about CP than they do! Here are a few of your questions that you guys are all looking for answers to:
Where can I find an unused Club Penguin code without needing cell phone access?
-Good Question! Unfortunately there are very few free CP code giveaways/contests out there, which are about the only ways you can get the codes unused and without cell phone access if a lot of people have seen the same code. The good news is, I might have one some time!
Where can I get the limited edition Viking penguin? I keep looking and searching for it, because I want one for free. How can I get one right now? I’ve heard of some people who got theirs.
-The limited edition Viking penguin plush toy is no longer being given away. It was a special giveaway Club Penguin was having and I won one and named him Slushy! Or something like that…
How can I give other Club Penguin users/players my stuff or my coins? Is there a way to do that?
-Sorry, but you can’t give other penguins on Club Penguin stuff. This makes it so that you can’t make a lot of accounts and transfer all their coins and stuff to your main account! I guess… LOL

How do you call the puffle in the CP mission?

With those weird puffle-o looking berries. Pick one from the tree and feed it to the black puffle. Then the puffle will follow you until you wake up in the cave you camped in.

Monkeys love Pineapples.
Where do you get the disguise on Club Penguin?
If you have this exact question, please comment below making it more specific. Thanks!
What names should I call my black puffle?
Oh, I’ve got a list of some!
-Fireball (Can ignite)
Sorry, naming black puffles is HARD, maybe you could name it something silly! I gave names for a boy puffle. If you have any, let me know and if I like it and think it may be approved by CP, I’ll post it up here!

Can you tip the ice berg?

Sorry, you can’t, and FINALLY Club Penguin hinted around that you can’t. Look:


Where can I get a skateboard for my black puffle?

Black puffles automatically always have a skateboard. Try having your puffle play; you should see a skateboard, depending on which action it’s performing!

How do you clone yourself in Club Penguin so you can go in the third HQ in Club Penguin?

There are only two HQs completed so far. To access the second one (The dresser in the HQ) you need to have the Club Penguin video game for DS. Then I believe when you upload coins to your account, CP recognizes you proudly own the CP game and unlocks the room for you. Check it out, not much to do there, though. Fun place to sit down, relax, chat, and have some COFFEE! (Decaf, please.)

UPDATE: Thanks to Nev for correcting me on this!

For the HQ thing, it’s not when you upload coins it recognizes it, its because you have a little card in there saying a code you can pu it for like 5,000 coins and unlocking the special room.

Where’s the Club Penguin Hideout?

The ninja hideout or my suspected soon-to-be-room? I’m assuming the ninja hideout. It’s right next to the entrance to the Dojo; it’s that big block of random symbols on it. Now it has a note from Sensei describing what you need to do; become a black-belt ninja. To do this, you must first accumulate all the belts, white to brown, and then challenge Sensei. A lot of people beat him on their second or third attempts, so keep trying if you don’t win the first time! I will be posting a Sensei guide soon… I believe I have already, but I removed it.    😦      Boo me! (Kidding!) So that’s basically it, lots of Good Luck to you!!!

How can I get famous, kinda like… you know… the famous penguins..? How can I be more famous than them?

I’m working on a guide on how to get famous with techniques that even I haven’t had the chance to do myself! Crazy, right? But it IS true, and it should be out once I get 100,000 hits/views so I really believe people want it and will use it properly… More information will be released at 70,000 hits, and then more important details and such at 80,000 hits. It’s kinda like UNLOCKING something on Club Penguin, right? It seems pretty cool to me! And it’ll be  *SPOILER ALERT* free. *SPOILER ALERT WITHDRAWN.*

How do I make cool YouTube videos and movies?

Time, effort, work, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE, most of all. Practice on those and keep finding out what people are interested in, which words to use, think about whether you type fast or not, are you experienced with screen recorders? Yeah, stuff like that. Keep posting up videos and ask for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, which are NOT INSULTING comments that help improve your work by telling you what should be changed, improved, and how to do it.

How many rare Viking Penguin Plush Toys were given away? Did you win one?

I was a WINNER in the contest which only 1,000 plush toys were given away!!! Isn’t that cool?!?

How do you get puffles pregnant?

Due to the minimum age of users that Club Penguin allows, unfortunately you can’t have it get pregnant. So no baby puffles.  😦    If you saw one, it’s likely maybe it was a hoax/an illusion, a lie, an edit, or a trick; whatever you’d like to call it.

What will be in the next Furniture/Igloo catalog?

I’ll be keeping an eye on that, so if you want actual cheats, hints, updates about CP rather than reading about stuff that’s SUPPOSED to be about CP, then keep coming here ‘cuz I’ll be posting some cool sneak peeks; I’ll find one or two if Club Penguin decides that we should all see some!

Club Penguin is saying I’m not a ninja when I am, what is the problem?

Club Penguin won’t let you access the Ninja Hideout? Well, check in your inventory. Do you have the black belt yet? (Not the brown one! Also, it is a body item.) If you don’t or aren’t sure, did you challenge Sensei and win the game against him? I had a ninja guide, but I took it down to clean up my site. You probably won’t beat him the first time; if not, keep trying! Once you beat him, YOU are the new master of Card Jitsu! (Not really,    😆    ) So anyways, maybe you won over 100 times and still don’t have your belt. Well, this may be because… when the room is full and you win a game, it’ll say “ROOM IS FULL” and the map will pop up. This means that CP glitched and made it so that it was as if that round didn’t even count! Keep trying, this probably won’t happen anymore.

When is the new room on Club Penguin coming out?

Nobody knows yet, but as of now Club Penguin is still working hard on it!     😉

I wonder what it will look like? Well, keep checking back and you’ll see a picture of it!

Can we meet on Club Penguin?

Sure!   😉    Once I have 50k hits/fans, I’ll host a mega party. It’ll be so cool!! And who knows? I think I might make it a movie theater!   😉    Or much more than that… Heh, heh! SURPRISE!!!   😀

Anyway, speaking of hits, when I reach 70k – 8Ok, I’ll release my new “How To Get More Famous on Club Penguin” Mega Guide!!! And I might release at a certain time a “How to Get More Famous on Club Penguin: PLUS”, the ULTIMATE, Deluxe guide. However, you may need to BUY it for a very small price. It will have extra tips, and secrets that may seem unrelated but actually HELP you get more popular! Also, it will come with a sweet surprise!   😉  However, I have decided… I’ll release this at 100k, probably! Cool? So, remind all your friends to come to this site. Maybe, if possible, the person who invites the most friends that come may get a small DISCOUNT on the e-Book! What do you think?

How do I get the gingerbread igloo?

It’s seasonal and a SECRET igloo! If you paid attention to my past posts, you’d know how… however, I am not so sure it is still available.

How do I get old items from Club Penguin?

Some are seasonal, some are RARE ones (like the golden viking helmet), and others are just special ones that came for only a limited time. (Like the beta hat.) If you see one that’s old and you want it, keep checking back here. I may reveal that it is BACK! Cool?

How do I turn my wig the color green?

Unfortunately you can’t, but that would be so cool! I thought of the idea of changing wig colors a long time ago, when they first came out, but I never mentioned it to Club Penguin. Tell me your penguin username and I can tell the Club Penguin staff about the idea, with both our usernames on it! Speaking of creativity, are you entering into the writing contest?

Club Penguin Toys ‘R Us… can you tell me about it?

You can get the video game, HUGE stuffed puffles you can sit on, plush toys, puffle plush toys, and puffle plush toys with faces that actually represent their personality! Cool, huh? That’s AWESOME! I even won a limited-time viking plush penguin from Club Penguin! Only 1,000 or 3,000 were given away, and I got really luck!    😉


How do I make a Club Penguin hideout?

It depends; if you are a member, you might prefer to have it in your igloo, so that only you (and other members of your hideout) can go there. However, if you are welcoming anyone to come stop by, you can open up your igloo to the map and advertise it.

Think about it; you’ll need to pick your favorite theme first. Do you want it to look like a secret spy/agent hideout/HQ? Will it be a dark, evil lair with torches on the walls? Or might it be just a cool, secret lounge for all users to go chill out at? Only you can decide on that, but if you can’t make up your mind, you can have your friends help out by voting. Cool? Also, mix it up in a different part of your igloo, if you want. Remember; you may have to have a lot of coins and been a member for a while to be able to find all the appropriate items!

Lavaster, what types of igloos have you made before? And what are some ideas for my own igloo?

Sweet, you’re ready to decorate your igloo? I LOVE decorating mine! Okay, in the past I have made a college, a school, an evil dungeon (yes, I have! EXTREMELY popular, I practically emptied out an entire building in CP!), a MOVIE THEATER, an airplane (airlines), a church, a second church for people to be “married in” (acting with my friends), I think maybe even a store (not sure, though, I don’t think so), a family house, I tried making a water park (you’ll drop about a million coins on that!!!), a restaurant, a Halloween Trick-Or-Treating neighborhood, and other fun, awesome places! You name it, I probably built it! Well, except for a spa and offices… but anyways… You need to choose a category first. Also, set up a budget for your coins. Here’s a rating chart that applied mainly to ME:

  • A Water Park: 9/10 stars
  • A Movie Theater: 7/10 stars
  • An airplane/airlines: 8/10 stars
  • A college/university: 10/10 stars, depending on WHO arrives, how many rooms you have, how large the rooms are, and if you have lockers.
  • A Spa: 5/10 stars
  • A dungeon/evil lair: 8/10 stars
  • An offices building: 7/10 stars (also, people might fight over the offices)
  • A Halloween neighborhood: 9/10 stars
  • A stage (like for bands, “Penguin/Arctic Idol”, etc.) 4/10 stars (not many people are interested in those)

Well, there’s more, but you’ll have to rate those for yourself!     😉

Good Luck because soon, you’ll be having TONS OF FUN with your buddies! Also, many penguins will add you because of how awesome your igloo is!   😉

How can I wear two items on my head at the same time? Like, a glitch that Disney/Club Penguin didn’t fix?

Well, luckily you CAN do that! It was left un-noticed, not fixed. You must have the yellow/pink beta hat and the santa hat. It only works with those two. Put your Santa Hat on, and QUICKLY put on the beta hat. FAST!!!! Keep trying if it doesn’t work the first time; however, CP may have fixed it by now!

Are there any  secret shops in Club Penguin?

Well, let’s think. If you consider the HQ’s secret agent catalog a shop, then sure, we can call it that. But don’t expect to see a clerk ready to help you purchase your stuff, and do NOT stick gum under the desks and swivel chairs! Anyways, other than that, there’s not really any shops/stores. If people tell you that there are, they’re lying! (Then ask them if they’re considering the HQ catalog as a shop!)

    • armghan mirza
    • June 9th, 2009

    what does lol mean

      • yislay
      • June 9th, 2009

      “lol” means Laugh Out Loud (cuz of the first letter in every word)

      • :)
      • July 9th, 2009

      laugh out loud

    • armghan mirza
    • June 9th, 2009

    oh ok

    • hawk
    • June 17th, 2009

    Compared to the last one this one was easy.
    Lavaster: lol yeah! ok i’ll e-mail you…

    • hawk
    • June 20th, 2009

    Lavaster: Oh, sorry, I forgot! BUT technically no-one else has managed to put the clues together, so I guess you win!!!

    • Nev
    • July 21st, 2009

    For the HQ thing, it’s not when you upload coins it recognizes it, its because you have a little card in there saying a code you can pu it for like 5,000 coins and unlocking the special room.
    Lavaster: Cool, thanks for letting me in on the tip! (I don’t own the Club Penguin game and especially not a DS, so I’m not too familiar with it.)

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