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April 16, 2009

Today I was at swimming practice when all of a sudden, guess who walked in? JOSH!!!!!!!!
Josh is like the COOLEST guy at my school, and I’m TOTALLY drooling over him. Once he came in I went FLYING!!!! Well, actually I just accidentally breathed in some of the chlorine water, but I don’t think that’s really nice to talk about… besides, EVERYONE has felt THAT feeling before!
I’m feeling a bit bloated because I haven’t used the restroom in a while and I don’t plan to for a bet by Streakers, my new white puffle brother. Actually, he lives in a mini igloo in our backyard so that’s why no-one ever sees him in Lavaster’s igloo.
I haven’t told Lavaster yet, and that’s because she’d FREAK if she found out! But then again she doesn’t use the toilet for days, either, so I’m pretty sure this bet would come pretty easy to her.
If I win this bet I’m going to get $10 from Streakers, and– OH FREAK, STREAKERS IS BROKE!!!! He said he’d pay me with allowance but… wait, hold on…
DARN, I was right! He KNOWS I’m going to win and he stole MY allowance! He did a loophole on me and I didn’t even notice, darn him! Oh well, I’m off to go fill his running shoes up with baby powder! See how he likes THAT…

April 17, 2009

Hi Kids, it’s Streaker’s old foster mom, Sarah!
I’m taking over because Streakers isn’t here today, and you might think “of course, he’s Lavaster’s pet now!” Well, I have to inform you all that Streakers is with me today and he mentioned this “blog” of his. I knew what blogging was, but I really wasn’t paying much attention to him. Oh, what a bad parent I am! So anyways, I sent Streakers to go to the gym to register for a membership. He’s supposed to be back by now with his card, but he is not.
I don’t want to bore you children to death, so here’s a page I copied from his diary:

Dear Diary,
Today I found my first chest hair! Yeah! I’m going swimming later when Teetree’s at the pool and I’m going there on PURPOSE! She’s gonna LOVE my chest hair!
I also found a few pounds of BABY POWDER in my shoes today. Yeah, that’s right: BABY POWDER IN MY RUNNING SHOES!!! I don’t know who did it, but I’m just going to go on my online blog later on today to do a poll. My fans are gonna vote for who they think did it: My annoying sister Jasmine, my Mom, my sister, my sister, my sister Jasmine, or my sister JASMINE!!!! It’s obviously Jasmine: I put peanut butter in her SANDALS two days ago, but she noticed them and threw them away because it was impossible to scour the peanut butter away! She said it was a complete waste of sandals and money and she said she’d get back at me.
Anyways, I’m going to go sneak out of the house right now so I can swim. I’m in my swimming trunks and I’m not putting on any sunscreen! Haha, Mom!

Oh my, Streaker is sneaking out?!? I must drive over to the pool immediately: No wonder I couldn’t find him to give him his twelve vaccination! He’s halfway done with the shots!
Oh, I’m sorry, children, this isn’t Streakers’ blog! Sorry! Oh well, Streaker sneaking out to the pool for a GIRL is worse than this! I must pull that chest hair out! Good-bye, children!
~Streakers’ Foster Mom~

Feb. 25, 2010

I know I haven’t updated in a long time, but the PM is!

All the guys who used to like me are soo over me now, and vice versa, me liking Josh. Not anymore, huzzaaaah! I’M SINGLE, GUYS! Haha, just kidding!

Anyways, today I started planning out making a webshow with my friends Callie and Carly but I decided that would be too hard for us. But guess what I WILL do? I’m going to sneak out tonight to a super, SUPER hot party of the year and I HAVE to be there to save my reputation! Although I AM the most popular girl at school…. LOL!!!!

Speaking of which, Callie says I am turning snobbish ever since I started reading a certain book series. AM NOT, jeez, jealous of my natural beauty much, Cal? But so this Friday night (tomorrow night, eeeee!) I am throwing a mega HAWT party! And u know wat? The one im sneakin out to is being hosted by some girl named Jenelle but it will not be as good as mine, cuz I have booked and listed the following celebrity puffles:

-Trevor Callaway, super awesome pop-rock singer who is so cute!

-Angelie Evangelista, famous make-up artist to show ugly girls how to turn into pretty girls

-Gabriel White-Diaz, some guy my age who’s plastered on all the magazines for fan-girls.. personally he annoys me but he’s famous, right?!?

-Camille Kristin Woodward, a new movie star who is bound to be The Next Big Thing!

-Sarah Roberts-Murbury, a pop, techno-dance, and R&B singer

-Hot Toxicity, a new-found genius pop-rock and techno band, kinda like the BEP (Black Eyed Peas.)

AND, my friend’s band, Driven Innocent, (the original name was Innocent Lies, but we changed it after learning a snob named Mackenzie “Mac” Korpeur had already TRADEMARKED it. Stupid, huh?) will be playing some songs they named. The most popular ones are Falling for Me; Me, myself, and I; Acting Stupid; Quiet; Baby; I’m Sorry (didn’t mean it that way); and Chasing Blake. Actually, those are the songs in their new soon-to-be-published album (first album ever!) named after the band.

I wanted to join, but personally I realized I didn’t want to anymore.
But whatcha think? Should I upload a sample song??? I dunno. Oh, and I am really into the music group Late Night Alumni. Great department store music *AND* great for calm YouTube vids! (also good for elevator music)

    • yislay
    • December 21st, 2009

    can i get a blog type a thing for pm like jasmine? if yu dont mind….

  1. Can you color code Jasmine purple? It’s so dull to read when it is colorless.

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