Update!!! New PMs coming soon… remember Fabio? He’s back!! BACK, I tell you!

Welcome to Penguin Messenger! It used to be Puffle Messenger, but that’s changed, but WAAAY before that puffle thing, it was Billybob’s Coolio Messenger. (Okay, fine, there never WAS A Billybob’s Coolio Messenger! Why you looking at– oh. Right. Because I’M Billybob. Man, I’ve gotta remember to put my disguise on next time!) Anyways, here’s the messenger! (Puffles also can come in.)

Lavaster has logged in.

Jasmine has logged in.

Fabio has logging in.

Jasmine: FABIO?!?!? IS THAT YOU?!??!?!

Fabio: Yes. Yes, it is! I, Fabio, the Attractive One. Do you want a rose?

Jasmine: AAAAAAHHHH!!!
Fabio: Yes, I know. You are my fan, must I say?
Jasmine: NO WAY!

Fabio: I know my presence is unbelievable.

Fabio: … ❓
Fabio: Amateur.

Jasmine: What did you say?
Fabio. Nothing, nothing!

Jasmine: ❗ HEY! I’ve got a GOOD IDEA! Why don’t we have lunch this week? On Friday at the Puffle-O Park! I’ll be at the picnic tables with my friends.

Fabio: They’re not all like you, all girls, right?
Jasmine: Noooo…. I happen to be a tomboy like Lavaster!
Fabio: Is Lavaster a girl puffle? I want to charm her like I do with girls who hate me’s friends!

Jasmine: No! She’s my OWNER! A Penguin! Gosh!

Fabio: Ohhh…. hey, do you happen to, perhaps, have a photograph of this lovely ma’am?

Jasmine: SHUT UP!!!

Fabio:  😐

-Fabio has logged of. REASON FOR LOG OFF: “Jasmine.” FABIO’S SIGNATURE: “Believe in me, because I love you.”

Lavaster: Okay, weird signature he has, eh?

Lavaster:    :weird:    See? I TOLD you I monitor all your chats!

Jasmine: OMG!!! So u no bout my date with Freddy?
Lavaster: Date with– WHO?!?!?! Jasmine, you’re NOT GOING OUT TODAY!
Jasmine: I didn’t say it was today.

Lavaster: Oh.

Lavaster: Well then, you can go if it’s NOT today. When are you going and where?
Jasmine: Um, well, err… we’re going to the, um.. the, uhhh… the Pizza Parlor! At 6:00 p.m. PST tomorrow nite! Wanna come?
Lavaster: Go with u on UR date? I don’t like lovey-dovey stuff!
Jasmine: We’re not gonna do lovey-dovey stuff. Just chat, share interests, go to the Fluffy the Fish Fountain…

Lavaster: Oooh, ooh! Is the water gonna be colored (dyed) tomorrow nite? I ♥ WHEN THEY DO DAT!!!
Jasmine: Yep! Hey, how’d ya do that heart sign?
Lavaster: This?

Lavaster: ♥

Jasmine: Yeah

Lavaster. Oh, simple. Well, you push the Alt button and keep holding it. Then push 3 from the side of the keyboard where it has the Num Lock button. (Should b at top)

Jasmine: Wait… I keep pushing Alt at the same time as I push the 3 from the side keys?
Lavaster: Yeah. Try it!

Jasmine: Ok. Like…. this?

Jasmine: ♥     It’s showing on this message, rite?
Lavaster: Yeah! Cool! You learned!

Jasmine: Can I try other buttons?
Lavaster: yes, but be careful!
Jasmine: ♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ ☺ ☻ ♥

Jasmine: That’s it, right?
Lavaster: according 2 wat i no, ya.

Jasmine: i ♥ this messngr. i alwyz thot (thought) I had 2 do dis: ❤   for a heart shape. but dats cuz i never new wat u just taught me! Thnx!!!

Lavaster: Np!

Lavaster: hey, im going 2 costco. wanna come?

Jasmine: nah. i gotta do sumthin on the PC.

Lavaster: Really? Wat is it?

Jasmine: uhh… well, it’s a surprize.

Lavaster: ok then. i’ll pick u up a berry smoothie, and i’ll have one too, and i’ll give ur berry smoothie to u. sound like a plan?
Jasmine: Yeah! Thnx in advance!
Lavaster: np! but u owe me $1.35.

Jasmine: :O

Lavaster: Kiddin, kiddin! Just messin’ wit ya! well, c u!
Jasmine: TTFN!

Lavaster: Tah tah for now, too! back at ‘cha!


Penguin Messenger RECENT UPDATES:

> Pinky and Redpuff have joined the P.M. Community. Welcome and hello to the P.M. Community! We’re glad you’ve joined and are with us as a team!


Redpuff has logged on

Shadon has logged on

Redpuff: Trevor, is that U?

Shadon: Yeah

Redpuff: Then y’s ur username shadon, tho? howd u pick it?

Shadon: well, my two favorite Sonic characters r Shadow and Sonic, so i combined their names 2gethr. like it?

Redpuff: yeah, its cool

Shadon: Hey, Up2daMax is IMing me. hold on, brb

Shadon: o, btw, it’s Max.

Redpuff: ok, cool. im gonna be lookin at ur profile page, k?

Shadon’s P.M. Profile Page

“If you’re 100% perfect, then walk on water WITHOUT getting one drop wet, and stab yourself, only perfect people won’t die.”

“Hi, I’m Shadon, well… actually, my real name’s Trevor V. But whatever!!”

LIKES: Hot Girls, video games, hanging out, computer games

DISLIKES: Boring stuff, ugly girls, pink, purple, school, vegetables, books

Shadon: Ok, im back! nyways, u no Callie, rite?

Redpuff: yeah, wat bout her?

Shadon: Well, im gonna tell u my secret, u BETTER not tell!

Shadon: ok.. here goes!

Shadon: i like Callie’s friend, Jasmine..

Redpuff: JASMINE? I’ve heard a lot of other guys r checking her out now. how do u expect 2 win her heart?

Shadon: easy..

Shadon: er…

Redpuff: just try 2 impress her, k? make sure she KNOWS u exist, bro

Shadon: ur not my brother

Redpuff: BUT UR MY FRIEND WHO’S 6 YEARS OLDER THAN ME!!! cuz ur *still* dating Frenchie, rite?

Shadon: whatever. hey, gtg, frenchie’s at door. c u!

Redpuff: c u!



>Jasmine has logged on

>Tails6000 has logged on

>Pinky has logged on

Tails: Hi, Pinky! Whose ur owner? cuz lavaster said ur not the first Pinky she’s met.. or heard of, at least.

Pinky: o, thats easy. xfadeaway’s MY owner!

Tails: Cool! hey, how come the PM status bar says that there’s 3 users in here when there really isnt?
Pinky: o, thats a common glitch in the P.M. it happens all the time.

Jasmine: no, it doesnt!

Tails: Jasmine, u scared me! y didnt u speak up, anyway?

Jasmine: coz i was trying to private message u.

Pinky: i thought u only logged on PM on stealth mode…

Jasmine: no, Yasmine does that. Yasmine with the Y.

Tails: o.

Pinky: well, word is, ur dating Shadon! Congrats!
Tails: Im not dating a PUFFLE!
Pinky: i was talking to Jaz here.

Jasmine: WHAT?!?!? Woah, woah, WHOA, hold ur horses! SHADON? me DATING? As if! Where did that rumor come from?
Pinky: Jessica told me. She said that Tamara and Tania had told her. Tamara and Tania picked the rumor up from Callie.

Jasmine: MY Callie? My FRIEND Callie? Really?
Pinky: Yeah. hey, look, Callie’s on! r u gonna go and IM her?

Jasmine: Yeah, wait. let me put all four of us in my chat room.

Welcome to Jasmine’s Puffle-O’s Palace.

Four users are currently in the room: Jasmine, Tails, Pinky, and Callie4u

Jasmine: ok, every1 here for SURE?

Tails: Here!
Pinky: Here!
Callie4u: Here! lol, every1 has their REAL names as usernames and thats it, but i added a number and a letter to mine!

Jasmine: Callie…

Tails: Callie….

Pinky: Callie… XD jk for that face i made.

Callie4u: what? Dont u guys like my nickname? i mean username?

Jasmine: Callie, did u start a RUMOR about me? unless u picked it up from somewhere…

Pinky: YEAH! Tell the truth, Callie!

Callie4u: y would i lie 2 u, Jaz?

Callie4u: nyways, i picked up the rumor from Gina. I asked where Gina got that from, and she said she picked it up from Ashley, who picked it up from Gianna, the school’s bully…
Pinky: FRIEND-STEALER Gigi Drama Queen? LIAR gigi? RUMOR-STARTER FOR JASMINE Gigi? Copying-Ideas from Jasmine and Marie Gigi? DAAAAAANG!
Tails: o, look! A NEW SONIC POSTER AT MY DOOR! gtg

>Tails is logged off

Jasmine: Same here. byeeeeee!

>Jasmine has logged off

Pinky: Agh, im bored. im soooo bored.

Callie4u: BYE!
Pinky:    😐

Pinky: whatevs.


>Uguu has joined the PM Community.

>Xfadeaway has joined the PM Community.

>Snowland202 has joined the PM Community.

>Greeny has joined the PM Community.


>Uguu, Greeny, Xfadeaway, Snowland, Pinky, Tails, Jasmine, Belldranit, and Redpuff have entered the room.

Uguu: Woah, there’s a lotta ppl here!

Snowland: u said it!
Xfadeaway: Hey, how do i no who’s in here without asking?

Snowland: o, u just click the anti-stealth mode on ur sidebar. it makes ur username visible to every1 else, tho.

Pinky: Hiya, everyone!

Lavaster: X, u got the anti-stealth mode on? o yeah, u do. u had stealth mode on b4, didnt u?
Xfadeaway: yeah. wait, I’m X, right?

Lavaster: Yeah

Jasmine: Hey every1! Who else is in here that haven’t spoken up yet?
Xfadeaway: um… let’s see… oh, Tails, Redpuff, and Belldranit.

Lavaster: Cool! This is kinda like a chatroom party, if u no what i mean

Tails: I HAVE talk– o, nvm. but NOW i did!

Lavaster: guess wat? i was just watching Sonic X, the episode where Amy and her friends are camping, and Sonic’s in China town or some place, and then Eggman thinks theyre after some emerald thing, but really theyre not… and then something bout a chia colony or whatevs.

Tails: Cool

Jasmine: Hey, wat smells like a cheeseburger?
Lavaster: o, i have some Wendy’s fast food meals. Hey, every1 wanna go on a picnic at Mountain Hawk park?

Xfadeaway: SWEET!
Snowland: Cool!
Tails: Can we go there now?
Greeny: WOOOO!
Belldranit: Yes! I wasnt talking because my baby brother was trying to get my attention!
Redpuff: I’m hungry! Can we eat now?
Lavaster: k every1, meet me at the park since none of us can drive!
Greeny: I can!
Lavaster: O_o

Tails: o_O

Xfadeaway: o_O

Belldranit: :O

Snowland: O_o

Pinky: T.T

Greeny: What? Just because im a puffle doesnt mean i cant drive!
Jasmine: Greeny’s right. we’re 17, for cheeseburger’s sake!

Lavaster: o yeah! Good point, i didnt remember u two took professional driving lessons!
Jasmine: Can i drive my limo with Greeny helping, too?

Lavaster: U HAVE A LIMO AND U NEVER TOLD ME!??!?!?!? All this time we’ve had one, im ur OWNER, Jaz!

Jasmine: oop! 😳  Guess i forgot 2 tell u! Yarr gave it 2 me, since he’s a pirate puffle, not a luxury puffle. I thanked him and gave him $20.

Lavaster: okaaay, then…

Lavaster: Let’s EAT!

>Skyblue, Puff Madalyn (known here on PM as PMaddie), and Brave Puffle (Known as braverthanu here on PM) have joined the P.M. Community. Welcome!


>Tails has entered

>Lavaster has entered

>Skyblue has entered

>PMaddie has entered

>braverthanu has entered

Tails: Hi!!!
Lavaster: hi, Tails!
Lavaster: Who’s PMaddie? She has anti-stealth mode on, but still, who’s she?

Skyblue: My sis. Shes not supposed 2 be on, she’s grounded for today from electronics, ESPECIALLY the P.M.

Lavaster: y, what did she do?

braverthanu: She almost made plans with a STRANGER!!!

Lavaster: :O

Lavaster: Wait; don’t tell me. Steve Abbotts?

braverthanu: Close, but no. FABIO, THE ATTRACTIVE ONE!!
Tails:  :O
Lavaster:  :O

PMaddie: 😡   I’m telling MOM that u told ppl!!

braverthanu: She didnt make  a rule bout telling about U, Mads.

PMaddie: DANG IT!
Skyblue: Hey, Madigan, r u dating Fabio?
PMaddie: No! DUHHHH! And my name’s MADALYN, not Madigan!

Tails:  Wat about we talk about something else?
Lavaster: Yeah, what Tails said! Besides, we’re penguins. r u guys PUFFLES?

PMaddie: Yeah

Skyblue: Yeah, sure, let’s go with that

braverthanu: Obviously

Lavaster: well… hmm… let’s talk about WHAT Maddie said to Fabio! 😆

Tails: i agree! 😆

PMaddie:  WHAT!?!?! 😡 fine. i’ll tell u guys. here’s the pasted chat.. exactly how it was.


>PMaddie has logged on.
>Fabio has logged on.
PMaddie: Hi, Fabio!
Fabio: Hello! I am Fabio: The Attractive One! And what is your name?
PMaddie: Madalyn. But sometimes, other puffles and penguins call me Maddie. And to annoy me, sometimes Madigan, although that’s not my name at all.
Fabio: I respect you! Your name is very lovely, Madalyn!
PMaddie: Plz, call me Maddie. Thanks!
Fabio: I have an excellent idea. Can you come to Mountain Hawk park for a picnic with me? Unless you are not a fan of me…
PMaddie: I watch your show on Puffle-O’s Channel, “Fabio: The Attractive One”. I liked the fact that Janet, Gianna, Ashley, and Gigi were fighting over you, but it was SO obvious that none of them would win, just Jessipuff Simpson who would win. And she wasn’t fighting over u, either!
Fabio: That is one of my favorite episodes: “You Fight, I Fight, We all Fight”. It was almost named, “Fighting girls never win”, but that wasn’t too catchy for the other producers. I’m the executive producer of my own show!
PMaddie: That is SO cool! I wish I could b in 1 of ur episodes! Like, “Fabio meets ‘The Maddie'”. That would be even MORE cool!
Fabio: Yes, indeed it would be! It would be very exciting to have a girl puffle like you on the set.
Fabio: May I ask… how old are you, Madalyn?
PMaddie: 7.
Fabio: Woah! I mean, that is quite young. You must be pretty, and I must be going.
>MadSkyBravesMom has logged on.
PMaddie: MOM??? I’m under Uguu’s care now, she adopted ME! You’ve been adopted by some other penguin, so y r u here, anyway?
MadSkyBravesMom: hold up… hey, the previous chat bar tells me EVERYTHING u said to FABIO!!! This is NOT safe! UR GROUNDED, AND UGUU SAID SHE’LL LET ME GROUND U FOR SAFETY REASONS!
PMaddie: She DID?!? O yeah, she DID! DANG IT, MOM! UR NOT COOL AT ALL!
MadSkyBravesMom: Well, I am just going to say that I am still sad that your brother, Brave Puffle, ran away from Uguu… but U didn’t, so I’M not letting u go past THIS one!
PMaddie: But MOMMM!
MadSkyBravesMom: Uguu now knows you are grounded for a month. Don’t EVER do that again, I’ve put PARENTAL CONTROL/WATCH MODE ON!
PMaddie: DANG IT! What about the privacy I come up to my computer for?!?! To CHAT?!??!
MadSkyBravesMom: You’ve lost that privilege for a year. Not a week, dear, but a YEAR. You better think about what you’ve almost done and tell Uguu you are SORRY!
>PMaddie has logged off.
MadSkyBravesMom: Ugh. I guess she’ll have to learn the HARD WAY; me coming over and embarrass her in front of her friends and the popular puffles at her school!
>MadSkyBravesMom has logged off
>PMaddie has logged on.
PMaddie: Good thing I know how to put myself onto stealth mode! I’m going to my friend’s house!

Lavaster: Woah, now THAT’S a lot! gtg

>Lavaster has logged off

Tails: Me 2!
>Tails has logged off


Chat 6

>Xfadeaway has logged on *STEALTH MODE*

>Tails has logged on

>PMaddie has logged on

>Fabio has logged on

PMaddie: THERE u r, Fabio! Sorry bout what happened earlier. my stupid mom decided to ruin our fun conversation.

PMaddie: my mom didnt read the park part. I went, and u werent there!!! Where were u?!
Fabio: Excuse me, Miss Madalyn, but I was quite busy. I am yet very sorry about that and I apologize.

PMaddie: Accepted. wanna meet up today after im done with school?
Fabio: I have other things to do, young Miss.

PMaddie: Well then lets talk bout ur newest episode, “Red Bikinis”!
Fabio: Uhh… okay, then. Start, please.

PMaddie: I LOVED the part when Clarissa was making out with some hot dude, and then U showed up and she saw u, and she fell for u. and then u saw a young woman in a red bikini and you went to that woman named Roberta and u instantly fell in love with each other.

PMaddie: U two made out, and Clarissa got RLLY jealous.

PMaddie: so then Clarissa smacked the red bikini girl and threw her into the sea.

PMaddie: Since u were a lifeguard, u went and got her and did CPR.

PMaddie: So then Clarissa was SUPER envyous!
<Fabio has logged off in stealth-log-off mode. Nobody else unless selected users can see the user has left.>

PMaddie: I wish it was ME that was Roberta! Don’t you think so?
PMaddie: here, lemme send u a PM with my photo.

PMaddie: Arent I too HAWT for ya?
PMaddie: Fabio?
PMaddie: Faaabioooo????
PMaddie: meet me at the park in 30 minutes! Cant wait to see you there!
<PMaddie has logged off.>
Tails: OOoh, someone’s gettin GROUNDED!!!
Xfadeaway: O, hi Tails!
Xfadeaway: yeah, we should tell Uguu. I mean, Fabio obviously doesn’t have any interest in Maddie cos she’s so young, and yeah.

Xfadeaway: BYE!!

Chat 7

>Lavaster has logged in

>Cotton Candy has logged in

>Fabio has logged in

>Trixiegirl has logged in

Cotton Candy: FABIO?!??! HOORAAAAY!!!
Fabio: Hello there, Cotton! How are you doing today?
Cotton Candy: GOOD!!! ASL ME!!!
Fabio: Um, okay. Age, Sex (gender), land?

Cotton Candy:  10!!! Female!!! My own igloo!!

Fabio: That’s nice. [Thinks about PMaddie and rolls eyes]

Cotton Candy: Imma PM u a pic of me!

Cotton Candy: There! Don’t I look HOTTT?!?!?!

Fabio: Um.. cool..

Cotton Candy: Let’s meet at Park Puff Puff, the Puffz Hoops Court! Basketball bench!

Fabio: I shall see what exactly I can do.

Cotton Candy: Great! I’ll be waiting for you with a picnic basket, since I’m already there using my unlocked laptop.

Fabio: Unlocked laptop? You mean hacking it?
Cotton Candy: No, silly! I had permission to unlock it here.

Fabio: That’s illegal!
Cotton Candy: I was kidding, gosh! I’m using my sis’ cell phone.

Fabio: Okay. I’ll see what I can do.

Cotton Candy: Thanks! cant wait 2 c every1 else all jealous of me!

<Fabio has logged out.>
<Cotton Candy has logged out.>

Lavaster: yea, i dont think Fabios goin 2 da park.

Trixiegirl: Me neither. Wanna check up on Cotton, tell her its not gonna happen?
Lavaster: I dunno. i ate Trix this morning, tho.
Trixiegirl: What? U ate ME?
Lavaster: no, the yogurt!

Trixie: Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! lol   😆

Lavaster: u wanna meet up at the park, tho? Maybe shoot some hoops or bike ride thru the park? u no, we might find a baby snake!

Trixiegirl: wat, u’ve found 1 b4?
Lavaster: Exactly! So whadda say?

Trixiegirl: Sure!  Meet u in a few minutes, k?
Lavaster: ok. I only have to bike down the street. U comin with a bike?
Trixiegirl: yeah, my new bike. It’s AWESOME!
Lavaster: Sweet! cant wait to see it! can i try it out there?
Trixiegirl: Sure!

Lavaster: M’kay, c ya!

Trixiegirl: C u!


Chat 8. The Worst of the Worst

<Lavaster has logged on>

<Tails has logged on>

<Snowland has logged on>
<Belldranit has logged on>
<Trixiegirl has logged on>
<JLo has logged on>
<Francine09 has logged on>

Lavaster:   😦

Snowland: What’s wrong, Lava?
Tails: Maybe she hates us all..

Belldranit: Tails!!
Tails: I was kidding!!
Snowland: Anywayz, wats up?

Lavaster:  um… I don’t feel very comfy going on my own site anymore…

Trixiegirl: And where’s this leading to?
JLo: I have no clue… about blogs… I think….

Belldranit: Uh, oh…

Lavaster: I think I might actually CONSIDER quitting blogging..

Belldranit: WHAT??!?!?! U SUCK!!!!
Snowland: Please dont do dat, lava!!
JLo: WAT??!!??!?!?! I BARELY discovered this site and it’s already CLOSING?!?!?!
Lavaster: I won’t delete it.

Tails: Is somebody going to take care of it? R u going on a break? Cuz it IS Winter Break, ya know!!

Lavaster: U GUYS, I was KIDDING!!!!   😀    HAHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS FOOLS!!!
Snowland: it’s not X-mas yet.

Lavaster: oh, u get my point, Snowland!!!

Francine09: Hey, can i talk to u privately, “Lavaster”?

Lavaster: Um, sure, I’ll call you.

Francine09: K, thanks!
<Francine09 has logged off.>

Trixiegirl: Who was SHE?
Lavaster: My ex-best friend from school.

Snowland: Huh. That sounds familiar… in a really weird way…

Belldranit: EWW, Snowland!! I no wat ur thinkin!
Snowland: No u dont.

Belldranit: o wait dat wasnt u. dat was my baby brother farting.

Tails:   😯

Lavaster:   😯
Snowland:   😯

Trixiegirl:    😯

JLo:   😯
Belldranit: What, it’s natural!
Belldranit: o, gotta go! my friend’s birthday party is in an hour. Bye!!

Lavaster: later, Bell!

<Belldranit has logged off.>

Snowland: any news from ur school, Lava?
Tails: and say sumthin FUNNY!! Or cool…

Trixiegirl: Isnt that a little too personal? Do you even GO to her school?
Snowland: Nope! Always some type of drama there, though. But not with her, most of the time.

Lavaster: YEAH!!! Today, I blackmailed Freddy!!!     😀    😀    😀
JLo: BLACKMAIL?? Oooh, what cha’ do?

Lavaster: Well, Freddy, a “friend” of mine, I was reading a gross part in an Anne Frank book, and he said he was gonna tell every1 i was a lesbo, which is SOO untrue!

Lavaster: So then, i said “Oh ya? Well, i’m gonna tell everyone you hugged Janice!” And he said “DA*MMIT!!!!” And he started cussing like crazy from there until someone brought up the fact that Janice kissed him.

Snowland: HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG Freddy’s a LOSER!!!   😆

Tails: ya!!!
JLo: can u get me Rey Mysterio’s autograph now??
Lavaster:   um, to JLo, I TOLD u i’m NOT talking to his one heck of a son!! His son, Dominik, is too… UGH!!! but hes the most popular guy in the school. ENTIRE school… or grade, perhaps?

JLo: Continue..

Lavaster: so yeah. Freddy said we had no proof that Janice kissed Freddy, and my ex-best friend said, “Yes, there IS proof! She told me like, two times already!”

Tails: That’s all?
Lavaster: Um… yeah…

Tails:    ….

Tails:    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    😆    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bowl means BANGS ON WALL LAUGHING)

Snowland: Ha, ha! Tails, you’ve GOT to get urself up.

Snowland: Wat, i meant that FIGURATIVLY! I didnt KNOW u were ACTUALLY down there!!

JLo: Nowadays, what may seem figurative is actually literal!!
Lavaster: ya i know!! ppl at my school made it that way!
Tails: Dang, dinner time.. Bye!!
Lavaster: Bye, Tails!
JLo: L8R!
Snowland: Adios!
Trixiegirl: Me, too!
<Tails has logged off.>
<Trixiegirl has logged off.>

Lavaster: so just us three. hey, wanna grab a bite at Wendy’s?
JLo: Aw, that’s the best!! yet, ur so OBSESSED with that stuff! Yes, please! I’ll be right there!
Snowland:   *looks down at self* Uhhh… I have to get ready and change out of my pajamas…

Lavaster: It’s almost SEVEN p.m., Snowland!

Snowland: I no. I got back from school and put this on to get comfy. so… c ya there?
Lavaster: Yeppers!
Snowland: k, bye!!
Lavaster: C ya!

<JLo has logged off.>
<Snowland has logged off.>
<Lavaster has logged off.>

Chat 9.

<Shadon has logged on.>

<Redpuff has logged on.>
<Jasmine has logged on.>

PRIVATE MESSAGE FROM REDPUFF TO SHADON: There she is, bro! Make your move a smooth move!
Redpuff: Hey, Jaz! Are the guys still bugging ya? Are you thinking about any of them?
Jasmine: Oh, please. In my right mind, no.

Redpuff: Well, do you like anyone who’s NOT annoying you as much?
Jasmine: Well, you’re my friend, so i’m gonna have to say yes.

Redpuff: cool, who is it??

Jasmine: That, I’m not ready to tell anyone just yet. I might tell you tomorrow afternoon.

Redpuff: Cool, cool.

Redpuff: So… considering any of the puffles in math class and science class? You know, anyone in BOTH of your classes you’re crushing on?

Jasmine: yes..

PRIVATE MESSAGE FROM SHADON TO REDPUFF: Dude, I think she likes me! I’m in both classes of hers! I’m her crush!!! I’ll ask her out right now!!

Jasmine: Ok, I’ll tell you one more hint. He’s a red puffle, like you.

Redpuff: How’d you feel if he asked you out right now? What would you say?
Jasmine: I’d be flattered! And I’d say Yes!!

Jasmine: You know what? I think I’ll tell you who it is!!
Redpuff: Oh, believe me, I think I’m 100% sure who it already is!

Jasmine: Well then, check it!! I like…

Redpuff: Go on..


Jasmine: Redpuff? You still here?
Redpuff: Yeah, duhhh!!!

Jasmine: Well then, I’m glad you’re not in total shock or whatever, right?
Redpuff: Whaddya mean? I didnt see ur reply!

Redpuff: I was busy reading a private message.
Jasmine: O, ur also on another IM Window? k. pay attention to this one, tho!

Jasmine: let me repeat it:

Jasmine: I like Jeff!

Shadon:     :O

Shadon:      😥

Jasmine: Ugh, is he crying? He’s probably one of those annoying guys that are heads over heels over me… or was it heels over heads… no, wait!! I know!!! His mom gave him more spicy chicken soup!! I hope your mouth cools down soon enough, Trevor!!

Jasmine: Gotta go!

<Jasmine has logged off.>
Redpuff: DUDE, are you okay?!?!?!

Shadon: No…    😥       She BROKE my heart…. it wouldve been best for me if u didnt ask her all that. that way, i wouldn’t have known the truth.

Redpuff: want me to talk 2 her 4 u??
Shadon: No, thank u. u’ve done enough. she’s harmed my heart enough just because of you. and ur stupid ideas.

Redpuff: Wat, THIS?!?!? This wasnt MY stupid idea!! THIS WAS YOUR STUPID IDEA!!!

Shadon: SHUT UP, UR EVIL!!! PURE!!

Redpuff:          😡                Shut it, jerk!!

Shadon: U first!

Redpuff: Not until u do!!

Shadon: Never gonna happen unless u do it first!! So SHUT UR PUNY LITTLE MIND UP!!! u’ve done… enough.

<Shadon has logged off. Reason: Broken heart… all thanks to REDPUFF!!! Nobody hang out with him tomorrow!!>

Redpuff: o, man, how’s he gonna learn that Jeff’s my best friend??? And that Jeff likes Jasmine back??

<Redpuff has logged off.>

Chat 10.

<Jasmine has logged on>

<Redpuff has logged on>

Jasmine: Hey, Redpuff!

Redpuff: Hi, Jaz! I wanted to speak 2 u about Trevor…

Jasmine: Wat, is he okay?!?!? I hope that soup didn’t have ONIONS in it, I mean WHO THE HECK eats SPICY CHIKEN AND ONION SOUP!!??!?!?!?

Redpuff: No, it’s not that, its–

<Carly has logged on>
Jasmine: Oh, hey, Carly! Whats up? I thought u were out studying with Marcielia?

Carly: O yea, im watching a movie with her. “iGo to Japan”, i no uve seen it!

Jasmine: OMG i LUVVVV that movie!!!!!!!!!!!! mind if i come over?

Carly: Sure! Marcielia says we need more popcorn, too, and i no u have a secret (err, not so secret) pile of popcorn stashed in your pantry! Can u get some when u come?

Jasmine: Sure! i cant WAIT to see that movie dat i LOVVVVEEE!!

Carly: k! See u in an hour?

Jasmine: Wait; i gotta talk to someone on the PM first.

Carly: Ok! See ya!!!

<Carly has logged off>
Redpuff: Who was THAT?!??!

Jasmine: a friend of mine from school. Remember carly? Jump roping carly?

Redpuff: o yea, her!

Redpuff: anyways, this is a serious matter… about Trevor.

Jasmine:   ❓

Redpuff: He likes you.

Jasmine:    :O

Jasmine: omg, i broke his heart?!?!?! I didnt no, i didnt mean to!

Redpuff: We both know, but Trev’s so broken up… he wont even talk 2 me anymore! we had a fight–i mean argue– after u left the PM yesters, and he said it waz all my fault, and I–

Jasmine: Wait–TREVOR WAS ON?!?!?!???!?!?

Redpuff: ummm, yeah…

Jasmine:     😐

Jasmine:      😡


Redpuff: keep ur cool, jaz! i dont want all of this to happen to me again!

Jasmine: Wat about everyone else?! You shouldnt just THINK about YOURSELF, Redpuff!!!

Redpuff: *sigh* well, i guess youll have to learn the hard way…

Jasmine: Oh, and what is THAT???

<Lavaster has logged on>

Lavaster: So, Redpuff, whats the problem with Jasmine here?

Jasmine:    :O

Private Message from Jasmine to Redpuff: LAVA’S your secret weapon?!! HOW DARE U, U LIAR!!!

Private Message from Redpuff to Jasmine: Jasmine, i didnt mean 2!!! I alrdy told u at least a million times!!!

Private Message from Jasmine to Redpuff: actually, only once, not including this time.

Lavaster: um, r u guys private messaging each other?

Jasmine: Wha– HEY, WAS THAT A LUCKY GUESS?!?!?!

Lavaster: Nope! I’m right behind you, looking at your laptop screen! You’re GROUNDED, missy!

Jasmine: But–


Jasmine:    😐

Jasmine: Im out.

<Jasmine has logged off.>
<Lavaster has logged off.>

Redpuff: Guess I’m all alone here now…

<PMaddie has logged on>
PMaddie: O hey, red!

Redpuff: Hey, Mads!

<Tails has logged on>

<JLo has logged on>

Redpuff: So, any personal/online, face-to-face or computer screen-to-screen experiences with fabio yet?

Tails: Yeah, tell us, Maddie!

JLo: Ooh, im betting 10 bucks she did! jk i dont bet cash or anything.

PMaddie: u guessed right, JLo! I DID meet Fabio again, this time FACE-TO-FACE!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!    😀

Tails: Wow, there goes off the bomb!

JLo: What happened with the little meeting?

PMaddie: well, i thought that having a nice picnic or chatting on our laptops though he was right there would make our meeting romantic, so i asked him which one he wanted. he chose the chat.

Redpuff: NOOO!!! *In sarcastic tone*

PMaddie: YES!!!  🙂   So, i grabbed my computer and we started typing away. he never looked up at me, but i know dats because he was all nervous being around me! I flatter him..   🙂

JLo: What else?

PMaddie: well, here’s our little conversation:

<PMaddie has logged on.>

<Fabio has logged on.>

PMaddie: its GREAT to c u, fabio!! especially rite in front of each other… this is SOOOO romantic!!! the day we met and fell in love with each other, remember???

Fabio: …uhhh…

Fabio: Lovely madam, I was just about to pack up and leave to my shooting studio for my next episode. I am guessing you want to come?


Fabio: Errr, I’m afraid I’ve been mistaken. I am deeply sorry, but I cannot really take you there, according to my strict director’s awful rules. I really DO wish you could come and act in this next episode! That would be wonderful!

PMaddie: Really?!?!?!?!?! SWEET!! well, i feel sorry 4 u, but no longer! ive come up with a plan thatll let u take me with u!!! ARENT U EXCITED??!?!?   😀

Fabio: I must go!

<Fabio has logged off.>

PMaddie: From there, he just ran off. boy, how nervous that Fabio was! I’m flattered!

Redpuff: Uh, Mads? r u SURE he likes u back?


Redpuff: ..ummm…

Redpuff: i’ll back off. ive got too many “Love” issues right now.

<Redpuff has logged off.>
Tails: Hm, I wonder wats going on with him?

JLo: Who, Redpuff?

Tails: Yea

PMaddie: I’ll tell you what!!! He’s just jealous that I’ve taken a man already…    😛

Tails: Uh, surrrreeee….

JLo: I guess we could go with that crazy thought….

PMaddie: Well, HMPH! Dont believe me? then im GONE, ask Redpuff about what he thinks of me!! i might as well flirt to get the correct answer outta him. but poor fabio, i might  break his strong, muscular heart! i’m better off with Fabio and Fabio alone. we will grow up together and–

<Tails has logged off.>

<JLo has logged off.>

PMaddie:    ❓

<PMaddie has logged off.>

Chat 11

Lavaster has logged on.

Tails has logged on.

Lavaster: Guess what??!?!

Tails: Wat?

Lavaster: Im bring back CP posts and i know someone who’s writing a book!!!!

Tails: Cool! i would ask u who’s writing a book, but i have a feeling ur not gonna tell me

Lavaster: Yep!

Tails: So wats it bout?

Lavaster: about a 12-year old secret agent kid who gets captured by a thief and has to escape and does and captures the thief, thief goes in jail, thief escapes, blah blah blah.

Tails: Cool, sounds awesome! wats it about?

Lavaster:     …

Tails: JK!

Lavaster: u werent listening, were u?

Tails: Nope!
Lavaster: ok anyways, the writer isnt sure if it’s good. besides, shes still writing it

Tails: Cool

Tails: but when it comes out do i have to buy it?

Lavaster: if u want, but I’M going to be writing an eBook for FREE!!! well, maybe i might write it. and if i do, MOST LIKELY for free. if i have to charge a price, then i will.

Tails: i hope u dont have to!

Tails: o, gotta go, hawk just egged my house!!

Lavaster: he WHAT?!??!?

Tails: bye!

<Tails logged off.>

Lavaster: boy, that hawk really IS a hawk!

<Lavaster has logged off>

Chat 12.

<Saksuku [puffle] has logged on>

<Mario [puffle] has logged on>

<Jasmine has logged on>

Jasmine: Hey Mario! wats up?

Mario: nutin. Our school is awesome, i cant wait to go back tomorrow!
Jasmine: Glad u liked ur first day! the student council elections are comin up, but i ALMOST ran for president. but i changed my mind to V.P. but Millie took it. Then I decided secretary but i did research and found out they do nothing cool. so, who r u votin’ for?

Mario: hmmm… i dunno, i think for pres im going 4 Fireball. For secretary Whiteout, school representative Lexa, historian Mindy and Jacob B. for V.P. but i might change my mind to Saksuku for V.P.

Jasmine: Cool, but i dont like saksuku. He’s mean to me and my friends!

Mario: he’s a bully? then i wont vote 4 him. u know i AM new!

Jasmine:   yeah….    🙂

Jasmine: So, wat time do u get off?

Mario: Off wat?

Jasmine: the after-school newspaper..?

Mario: O! Just finished my work, we’re waiting for Miss Pofferpuff to run down to the copy room and print out all 900 copies, though theres 1,029 of us. Including MEEEE!!! the principal told me

Jasmine: Awesome! hey, dont u think sak (saksuku) is so annoying? He’s so dumb, too! EVERYONE hates that dude, he’s bad! really bad! i dont see why he’s not expelled… plus, his crush, Mindy, knows he likes her but mindy thinks sak is a fat toad that barely can leap. dont u agree?

Mario: umm…

Jasmine: Well dont u? The rest of the school totally does, Mario!

Mario: Uh, yeah. sure he’s really mean.

Jasmine: oh THANK YOU for saying dat, mario! i thought u were gonna end up like Joshua, who moved to Cassidy Walk because nobody liked him. he thot sak was okay, can u believe that?!?!

Mario: ..noo.?

Jasmine:      😐     whatever, just do u have any   😎     cool “PENGU SNEAKERS” baseball hat I could use tomorrow? Karly is throwing a campaign for who wears their sneaker hats better.

Mario: Sure! r u a finalist or can i join? i have a collection of TEN hats I wear! You’ll get my ninth hat, I like my tenth one.

Jasmine: Cool! Yeah, shes takin in more. Maximum of 15 puffles, you’d be the twelfth! Actually, a LOT of puffles wanna join but some of them can’t and some of them are gonna join tomorrow morning in homeroom, so ya.

Mario: sweet, i’ll lend u mine! just come over, i also got a new video game: “X-Drag Force”, wanna play multiplayer?

Jasmine: OMG U HAVE IT??? DO I EVER!!!!

<Jasmine has logged off>

<Mario has logged off.>

Saksuku: That hurt.

<Saksuku has logged off.>

Chat 13.

<Lime has logged on.>

<XFadeaway has logged on>

<Belldranit has logged on>

<Becky has logged on>

<Lavaster has logged on>

Lavaster: O MY GOSH UR ACTUALLY ON?!?!?!

Becky: u r, too?!??!


Becky: Me either!!!!

Belldranit: Boy, they’re good friends, dontcha think so, Fade?


Xfadeaway: I’d doubt that.


Becky: Whats a puffle?

Lavaster: …

Xfadeaway: Obviously she’s not a Club Penguin player.

Belldranit: yeh.

Belldranit: Yeah, i mean.

Becky: U guys are weirdos!

<Becky has logged off.>

Belldranit: Oh, she was mean!!!

Xfadeaway: You still think they’re besties? Or arch enemies?

Lavaster: Whatever.


Lavaster: *screams* AAAAH!!!


Belldranit: Gaaaaah!!!

Lavaster: Lime, you SCARED us half to death!

Lavaster: And besides, arent u supposed to be a runaway?

Lime: Not anymore! I got adopted!

Belldranit: By who?

Xfadeaway: by ME!!!    😀    😀    😀

Belldranit: Cool!

Lavaster: cool!

Lime: I got a pet toad last week. Fade let me!

Lavaster: Gross, dude, just gross…

Belldranit: SWEEEET!

Xfadeaway: I have Lime keep his pet toad away from our guests, but that mischievous toad alwayz finds a way out of his bedroom in our igloo!

Lavaster: Must be hard to keep him as a pet!

Lavaster: Hey, are you guys looking for the clues to meet me on cp?

Xfadeaway: Yea, its pretty tricky!

<Hawk has logged in>

Belldranit: cant find the second clue…

Belldranit: I mean “eluc”, how you mostly say it.


Belldranit: oh my moms calling me, byeeee!

<belldranit has logged off.>

Lime: So Xfadeaway, you know my toad?

XFadeaway: DUHHH

Lime: Well, just think…. under MY possession. I like telling everyone, everywhere about it.

Xfadeaway: I kinda noticed that.

Lime: Remember Dior’s poem?

Xfadeaway: What– OH MY GAWD!!!! I GOT IT, thaaaank uu!

Xfadeaway: But do i go to his cage?

Lime: CONTAINER!!! and no, u dont.

Xfadeaway: I talk to u r wat???!?!?! wat am i supposed to do?!??!

Lime: Actually, ur correct on that.

Xfadeaway: True that??!? AWESOME!!!
<Xfadeaway has logged off with the mood, “Excited!” on.>

Lime: Awkward….

Lavaster: k, im–back???

Lavaster: hey where is everybody?
Lime: THey all left.

Lavaster: oh.

Lavaster: okey-dokey, thanks for helping with my contest!

Lime: You’re welcome anytime, Lavaster!

Lime: r u going, lava?

Lavaster: u mean logging off? Yeah.

Lime: ok. bye!

Lavaster: l8r g8r!

<Lavaster has logged off.>

Lime: Hey there! Yeah, you! You reading this! Can YOU find all of Lavaster and Dior’s clues before someone else gets them? This is a REAL challenge!

Lime: I wish you some good luck!

Lime: Check out Lavaster’s secret site, too!

<Lime has logged off.>

Chat 13.

<Redpuff has logged on.>

<Shadon has logged on.>

Shadon: Hey, Redpuff, u remember that time i told u about jasmine?

Redpuff: yea

Shadon: well, Im over her now.

Redpuff: cool, whatever. hey, did you see Callie today?

Shadon: yea, wasnt she crying at lunch?

Redpuff: Yeah, word is that Saksuku yelled at her and said something that just shocked her. shes at the hospital, she cant stop crying. they think something’s wrong with her, she keeps saying she’s trying to stop but can’t! Like her eyes are leaking water…
Shadon: Dude, thats gross!!!

Redpuff: I know! Saksuku got EXPELLED and his parents have to pay for Callie’s medical bills, otherwise Saks will be placed in Puvi [Juvi for us puffles] and his parents in prison for a month each. Also, Saks is getting transferred to Oaksland Puffle School…

Shadon: Not the grade school, right?

Redpuff: not the grade school. but he kinda  deserves it, doesnt he?

Shadon: ya, a bunch.

<Belldranit has logged on.>
Belldranit: PUFFLES!

<Belldranit has logged off.>

Shadon:     😐

Redpuff:    :      :/      😐

Shadon: Who was that?!?!?     😯

Redpuff:    ❓   i dunno.

Redpuff: Hey, the smilies changed!!!!      😈    👿       🙂      😦    😥     😀    😉

Shadon: Okay..

<Shadon has logged off.>

Redpuff:  ?

<Redpuff has logged off.>

Chat 14.

<Jasmine has logged on>

<Trevor has logged on>

Jasmine: Hey, Trevs. Red told me about.. you. Wait, did you make another account? What happened with your Red one?

Trevor: Got tired of the name. And Just forget it, whatevs he said.

Jasmine: no, i understand!!! plz, just talk to meh!

Trevor: i cant take u seriously if u say “meh”.

Jasmine: Fine. Please, just talk to me!

Trevor: *sigh*

Jasmine: TREVOR….

Trevor: Did he tell you..?

Jasmine: yea.

Trevor: Wat did he say 2 u?

Jasmine: I know u like me, Trevor. I didn’t know before, I’m sorry!


Chat 15.

Trevor: You didnt? I think you were supposed to find out sooner or later.

Jasmine:  But I didn’t!! Boys are supposed to impress girls, THEN ask them out! Girls hate it when boys want them to ask *them* out! It turns us off!

Trevor: But thats not what this is about, Jaz..

Jasmine: Well, just lettin u know… in case you’ll ever need it.

Trevor: um, k thanks. hey, isn’t there a homecoming comin’ soon?

Jasmine: Yeah, I signed up for queen, but so did Ice and some girl named Hannah.. I wonder who’ll win?

Trevor: I hope you…

Jasmine: What r u thinking?

Trevor: I am voting for you!

Jasmine: Aw, thanks! Oh, do u like this purple text thing? It’s a new feature for premium members…

Trevor: Dontcha have 2 pay for that

Jasmine: No, but its exclusive and only for the VIP… basically they invite *you* to be a VIP member. You don’t.

Trevor: kewl. Think u could get me in?

Jasmine:  nah, but I can try. i think they might actually let you in, tho. They take opinions from VIPs, but not from regular users. Pretty cool, huh?

Trevor: Ya… do you like limos?

Jasmine: omg, *LUV* em! Y?

Trevor: Hold on…

Trevor: ok. i just got one.

Jasmine: Y????

Trevor: Homecoming, duh!!

Jasmine: yeah, i cant believe it’s in half a month! Im so excited, I already picked out my wig!

Trevor: Puffle wig, right? Lava’s letting u get that?

Jasmine: Yes!!! They’re really expensive, but me and Lava can afford it, obviously! I mean, we’re not as rich as this dude named Generalthug was, cuz he had EVERYTHING. I MEAN *everything*! Lava knows cuz he was famous…. ish. He didnt have a blog, tho. he was just popular! I think he was rare?

Jasmine: Then he disappeared and i think i heard someone at school talking about some blog he made with a friend, but i don’t know what the name is. Ive searched, but im starting to think someone else started the blog n added him.

Trevor: Wait, it sounds like you’re talking about Jwolfer? I heard something identical. You see, the new puffle Fire told me about some site Jwolfer started up. Do u believe it? Plus, he’s also famous-ish n has a partner working with him for the blog!

Jasmine: Oh. anyways, let’s go back… u really like me?

Trevor: yehh…

Jasmine: ok. but we’re still friends, right?

Trevor: Ya.

Jasmine: Thanks 🙂  You’re cool.

Trevor: Thanks! Oh i have 2 go. text me when u’ve made up your mind of who u are going to HC (homecom.) with… ive got the perfect idea in mind   😀
Jasmine: Sounds awesome! I will be rite there, bye


Chat 16

[Jeff has logged on.]

[Jasmine has logged on.]

Jeff: Hey, Jaz! Are you going to the HC with anyone?
Jasmine: no, but im thinking about asking-nvm.

Jeff: But for sure you’re going right? and i wanna ask you something.

Jasmine: okay, whats the question? And yeah im going FOR SURE.

Jeff: Do you wanna go out with me to the Homecoming next Friday evening?

Jasmine: Yes, totally yes! I will see you there!

Jeff: Booyah! Hey, n i think i no who callie should go with.

Jeff: Trevorrrr!

Jasmine: oh. hey, u heard about the whole trevor/redpuff mix-up, right?

Jeff: Yeah, they kept getting mixed up and they kept exchanging each other’s accounts and they acted like each other… WAIT A MINUTE! do you think something fishy is goin on? Srsly! i think

Jasmine: PUFFLE-Os!!! DUDE, they were the SAME PERSON! No wonder why i only saw one of em almost everyday!


Chat 17.

[Jeff has logged on.]

[Jasmine has logged on.]

Jeff: Hey, Jasmine! I talked to “them.” He admitted he was acting as someone else.

Jasmine: Good! Everything was sooo crazy! Like when he was acting as another puffle.

Jeff: Yeah. Hey, was home coming good? i was so tired last night i couldnt ask you about it

Jasmine: Yeah, I was tired too. and it ROCKED, especially since I was with YOU!

Jeff: That’s good.. do u want to go out?

Jeff: Man, I shouldnt have asked that here. i shouldve asked u in person.

Jasmine: Naw, man, it’s cool. And yes, I would love to be your girlfriend!

Jeff: Thanks, Jasmine! Have I ever told you ur cute and really nice?

Jasmine: No but thank you!! I ❤ u!!

Jeff: Really? Me too, Jasmine… I love you too. 🙂

[Ice has logged on.]

[Fire has logged on.]

[Lily has logged on.]

[Holly has logged on.]

Ice1: Hey hey HEEYYYY wassup!!

Lily7: We’re actually new here…. Ice just likes to do that. Is it okay if we chat here, too?

Holly: I’m new, too! And I dunno u guys!

Fire1: I’m with Lily and Ice! Lily’s the thoughtful one, and Ice is the never-thinks-before-acting and straight-to-the-point one.

Holly: I dont exactly *know* how to use this messenger…. are u guys puffles?

Fire1: We all are. This is a puffle messenger…

Holly: Oh, sorry! Im a penguin!

[Holly has logged off.]

Jasmine: Can u come to the pizza parlor with me, Jeff?

Jeff: Yea let’s go!

[Jasmine has logged off.]

[Jeff has logged off.]

Ice1: BYE imma ride my Spuff bike, the hottest and coolest, and newest, and foreign, and FASTEST bike ever made!!! Also the most expensive!

[Ice1 has logged off.]

[Fire1 has logged off.]

[Lily7 has logged off.]

[Chat room empty.]

  1. new!

    *tails logged in*

    *ora logged in*

    *hawk logged in*

    tails: i gtg

    ora: me too

    hawk: me too


    • ora181527
    • January 25th, 2009

    wth?? lol that was fasstt

  2. yeah i was fast too fast i say i had somthin to do after the chat

    • hawk
    • January 27th, 2009

    PLZ SIGN THIS http://www.saveola.wordpress.com/ consttituion PLZ PLZ

    • ora181527
    • January 28th, 2009


    • ora181527
    • January 28th, 2009

    i say lol alot dont u think? lollll

    • Xfadeaway (different computer)
    • January 29th, 2009

    Alexa Chat Messenger (side note: seriously i copied all this from alexa.com except for this side note, btw these r my friends (in real life!) im chatting to and im lily100)
    Olivia17 says: hello ashley and lily……….
    Lily100 says: Hey Olivia, anything wrong?
    Olivia17 says: not really
    Ashleymillions says: hey guys hows school?
    Olivia17 says: NOT good. too much homework.
    Lily100 says: Same here.
    Ashleymillions says: well i have a 5-page essay to do gotta go!
    Lily100 says: Ok bye Ashley!
    Olivia17 says: yep see you later!

    • Xfadeaway (different computer)
    • January 29th, 2009

    Alexa Chat Messenger (side note: ok it happens to be alexa.com has adware downloads, every download in there has viruses except for the alexa chat messenger)
    Lily100 says: Hey anyone on?
    Ashleymillions says: yeah and olivia is offline though
    ***You are private messaging Ashleymillions.***
    Private Message from Lily100 to Ashleymillions: Did you download anything from alexa.com not including the chat messenger?
    Ashleymillions says: nope, never
    Lily100 says: Good because they have viruses!
    Ashleymillions says: ok i gtg to bed bye!
    Lily100 says: Bye!

    • ora181527
    • February 1st, 2009

    chat 1
    *Tails logs on*
    *snowland logs on*

    Tails: Hey weres Ora?
    Snowland: I dunno

    Ora logs on

    Ora: You spoke too sooon..
    Snowland: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

    Ora: lol! GOO GOO GJOOB! Wow this yellow submarine* has really gotenn to me…

    *Yellow Submarine is a famous movie/ cartoon by the beatles very fun and colorful..

    tails: It shure did It shure did
    Snowland: Yeahhhhhh … what eva

    JonLennon logs on
    PaulMcartney logs on
    Ringo logs on
    George logs on

    Ora: wow! Its the beatles!!!
    Snowland: SO AM I!!!

    The beatles: *Start singing All Toghether Now*
    John lennon: I thought we were in the 1960’s?!?!?
    Paul: Ummmmm what year is this lads?
    Ora: WHO YOU CALLIN LADS??!?!?
    Paul: Sorry!!! I meant Ladys…
    Tails and snowland: good… your in 2009
    Ora: i thought You and John were dead!!!
    Paul and John: well we traveled from 1960s so yeah we ARE NOT dead! And who said we were gonna die??!!??
    Ora Tails and Snowland all log off!
    Ringo and George log off!!
    Paul and John are left to sit in the darkness of a chat room..

    • ora181527
    • February 1st, 2009

    Im crazy arnt I???

    • Xfadeaway
    • February 3rd, 2009

    Alexa Chat Messenger (Side note: At school there was this girl named Valerie, she uses Alexa Chat Messenger)
    Valerie7 says: You know what Lily?
    Lily100 says: What?
    Private Message from Valerie7 to Lily100: I like a boy in school
    Private Message from Lily100 to Valerie7: Who?
    Private Message from Valerie7 to Lily100: Jason..
    Lily100 says: EWWW! Jason’s not cute at all for me. *throws up* i gtg.. see you later

    • ora181527
    • February 10th, 2009

    Today im super sick and my membership expired and ALSOOOOO YOU DONT GET TO KEEPP ANYTHING WHEN YOURE GOING TO BE A NONMEMBER!!

  3. except ur puffles!!

    • ora181527
    • February 11th, 2009

    yeah true….

    • ora181527
    • February 11th, 2009

    i might even join pixpeng city but i dunno so yeah!!!!! Lets start chat #2!!!!

    Chat #2 1/2 (because i announced the name of the chat before) XP..

    Lavaster Logs on
    Tails Logs on
    Snowland Logs on

    *And as always Ora is late*

    Awkward silence
    Ora Logs on

    Ora: hey!! *Cough*

    Lavaster: Hi,Are you okay?
    Tails: You seem sick.
    snowland: AHHHH IF SHES SICK I CANT GET SICK!!! *runs to hide behing tails*, GERMS!!!!! HELP THEY’RE ATTACKING ME!! *Fake falls*
    snowland: SCREAMS!
    Tails: Lol! such a worrywart tsk tsk Jk!!
    Lavaster: HaHA that was funny
    Ora:my throat hurt but im not sick.
    Tail and Lavaster and snowland: OKAY!!!
    Ora:Did you make anything for valentines day yet?
    Tails:I forgot *gives Snowland the *WE forgot about valentines day present look*
    Snowland: Ummmmm Well i did make a gift! *gives tails the HAHA look*
    Lavaster: i forgot too. But not really im making it.
    Ora:Cool I made my puffle and for my family a gift. im starting to make u guys gifts also.
    Tails: Well,I just started mine an hour ago but im choosing paper.
    Ora:Cool what kind? Silk? Pattern? Embrodery?
    Tails:Does it really matter?
    all three: YES!!!
    Tails:Fine ill tell you!!! its um um um um whats it called COUROUDY!NO!!
    its umumumumumumumum paper mache. im making it myself.
    *Awkward Silence*
    Fabio logs on
    Steve Abotts logs on

    Lavaster: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
    Snowland: GAY GERMS!!SCREAMS!!!

    The Random four log off

    Steve: Hi fabio *Gives Gay look*
    Fabio: For once and for all some action happens here!! RAWR!

    both log off

    snozey mcloozey toozey* logs on


    *(I have no idea who snozey mcloozey toozey is i just made him up)

    Smt: And ALSO dont be gay!!!


    • ora181527
    • February 11th, 2009

    lol!!!!!! the last part was hilarious!!!

    • ora181527
    • February 11th, 2009

    : O I was on comment 200!!!!! 😀

  4. new chat!

    Tails: Happy valentines day!
    lavaster: great hows the paper mache going?
    Tails: exellent heres what I got so far *holds up paper mache*
    Laveaster: WOW what is it?
    Tails: Its an official replica of A chao
    Lavaster: those cute things in sonic?
    Tails: yes.. why you ask?
    Tails: well that’s is for you heres what I made snowland *holds up mache of puffle

    *ora logs on*

    ora: hey guys! wow tails those your valentines day gifts

    Tails: yeah *blushes*

    ora: okay let me guess the puffles for snowland,and the whatever that thing is for lavaster.

    Tails: yes oh the thing for lavaster its a chao tho things you care for on sonic

    ora: awwww hows mine

    Tails: I finished yours too! *shows mache of penguin*

    ora: wow tails I’m impressed

    Tails: thanks I took lessons

    *snowland logs on *

    snowland: guys I finished my presents oh Tails how are yours going?

    Tails finished * gives mache to everyone*

    all three: awww thanks tails

    Tails: my pleasure *blushes,hears Mr. boombastic song* uh-oh

    Lavaster: what

    Tails: is Mr.Bean here I hear dancing and idiot stuff

    Lavaster: it was only snowland

    Tails: oh

    *steve abbots logs on*
    *Fabio logs on*

    Tails: crud we have to finish later

    * the our log off*

    *other two log off8

    *Mr.Bean dances to Mr.boombastic song while others are gone*

    • ora181527
    • February 13th, 2009

    lol!!! I hope you liked the one I made!!
    and i love the paper mache penguin you made for me. you probably have a good teacher 😉

    • ora181527
    • February 13th, 2009

    and also i luv mr.bean

    • ora181527
    • February 14th, 2009


    • ora181527
    • February 14th, 2009

    chat for valentines day number 1 (Oopps now its 1 1/2)

    Tails logs on
    Ora logs on
    snowland logs on
    lavaster logs on
    hawk log on

    Tails:Hey!! Happy valentines day ya’ll!
    Ora: *sniffles* I just wacthed the saddest movie ever called October Skys.
    Snowland: *gives Tissue Box* I wacthed that movie its really sad.
    Lavaster: Why did you wacth on valentines day? Today were supposed to be H-A-P-P-Y.
    Hawk: Well Ora just had to wacth october skys.
    Ora: It wasnt MY fault!! My freind gave it to me to try!!!
    Tails: Well anyways!!!!! Happy valentines day!! And dont wacth October Skys on Valentines day!!

    1950’s Music starts playing

    Everyone starts dancing
    Ora: *Eats Valentines day candy* This is the best part of Valentines Day!
    Kids dont try this at home.

    Producer: hey thats a wrap!!!

    Ora:Ummm howde you get in here?
    Lavaster: We want to know!!
    Tails: Seriously dude we do.
    Snowland: GERMS!! AHH!! SCREAMS!!!
    Hawk: Is he always like this?
    Everyone: YES!!
    Hawk: oh kay then.
    Ora: back to the producer
    Tails: Oh Yeah.
    Producer: Well i’ll tell you the story: I was Walking in the dandelion field (lets say skipping) Eatting valentines day candys and hugging my bunnie candy… while i heard some lunatics screaming about october skys…
    Producer:Anyways I sneaked into here and became a producer.
    Lavaster: Wow. What an awkward story *whispers to snowland: He has a-lot of germs in his head right now.*

    Snowland : *whispers back* now im over germs once you SAID thattt!!
    Hawk: Why are you guys whispering and why am I whispering?!/1
    all :WE dONT KNoW!
    Producer: Anyways youre all hired!!
    Ora: How much do we get?
    Producer: $10,000,000,000,000
    Ora: ill finnaly get a ninetendo ds and my oown LAPTOP!!
    Lavaster: ill buy a huge masion for all of us to to live in!!
    Tails: ill help with the interior design!
    Snowland: ill do the exterior!
    Hawk: ill do the shopping for food!!
    Ora: ill do the furniture also!!

    the end!

    • ora181527
    • February 14th, 2009

    some valentines day for us.

  5. The four main characters log on

    Tails: so hows the mansion

    Ora: good!

    Tails: got some interior decor blueprints for the living room *shows blueprints*

    Ora: wow!

    Tails: thanks made it myself on paint

    Ora: okay…..

    Tails: I know I’m a good paint blueprint drawer.

    Lavaster: Let me see the designs *sees designs*/ WOW!

    snowland: Made some Ideas for the front exterior *shows blueprints*

    others: WOW!

    Snowland: made it on paint!

    Tails: So did I!

    Snowland: Yeah like duh we were working together on the blueprints.

    Tails: oh

    all log off

    *Mr.bean dances to Mr.Boombastic during credits*


    • ora181527
    • February 16th, 2009

    Chat Unknown

    Main four charecters log on

    Ora:Well we finished it….
    Tails: yep
    Snowland: Its CLEAN
    Lavaster: I agree with you all.
    Ora: My feet are killing me *Flings off uggs*
    *Uggs hit random guy on the street*
    Ora: sorry!!!
    Tails:Well that was easy *presses EAsy Button* “That was east”
    Snowland: All hail the easy buttton!!!
    Lavaster: Um…….Can we please go into the house now?
    *all walk into mansion*
    all: WOW…..*say it in wall-e way*
    Ora: this is to much, i never expected it this way!
    Tails: Lets go search our rooms!
    All: okay!!!!
    Ora runs to room::*Opens door*: wowwww… *Has plaid room which has uglydolls**jumps on bed*: so so so so so so SOFT…..
    Tails runs to room::*opens door* Gasp!!!!!! Its a random room!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps on super soft bed*:: i luv my stripe wallpaper….
    Lavaster runs to room:: *opens door* HUGE GASP!!! A poster of SONIC!!!! :O And a CANOPY BED!!! Ora you choose what i really really wanted…
    Snowland runs to room:: *opens door* GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im speechless….its a SUPER SOFT ROOM!!!! *falls on floor and it feel like 200 blankets.

    Until next time!

    • hawk
    • February 16th, 2009


    • ora181527
    • February 16th, 2009

    That was really mean Hawk.

    • ora181527
    • February 16th, 2009

    its not even funny…at all.And it never will be funny 😛

    • ora181527
    • February 16th, 2009

    Im excluding you from all my chats cuz that really hurt my feelings and also maybe lavasters and tails. :>O I’m totally serious.

    • ora181527
    • February 16th, 2009

    chat #3

    Tails logs on
    Ora logs on
    Snowland logs
    Lavaster logs on

    Snowland: Hola
    Lavaster: bounjur

    Ora: how ya’ll doin?
    Tails:Were ok..
    Ora: do you think i was a little bit too harsh on hawk?
    Snowland: Well you couldve said youre excluding him from the chats for a week…
    Lavaster: yeah its sorta like hes banned
    Tails: Instead of the rest of his life no chats on Ora chat then make 72 hours,its the least you can do…
    Lavaster: He was probably joking or trying to be funny.
    Snowland : yesh i agree
    Ora: Well okay, hes banned from my chats for 94 hours thats 4 days.
    All: Thats fair enough.
    Ora: well at least you dont act like doggies anymore
    Lavaster: I got over it, it was sorta like a diet
    Tails & snowland: Same
    Ora: Well anyways,,,,, howde you like your rooms?
    Tails: One word, awesome
    Snowland: Two words, SUPER AWSOME!!
    Lavaster: Three words: all of those words. Oops i meant four. hehe
    Fabio logs on
    Fabio: heyheyhey!!
    ora gives everyone the *I’m scared* look
    Lavaster: *whispers* Smile and wave smile and wave
    Tails: What ever you say sister
    Snowland: Exactly *has shocked look on face*
    Ora: Im with you
    All log off

    • ora181527
    • February 16th, 2009

    sorry hawk for being harsh on you, i understand you mightve just been trying to be funny… but you’re not going to be in my chats for 4 days I hope you agree with me
    sorry. 😉

    • ora181527
    • February 17th, 2009

    thanks lavaster!!!


    • hawk
    • February 17th, 2009

    I WAS JUST KIDDING. YEESH. whatever. okay cya whenever. i don’t know when.

    • hawk
    • February 17th, 2009


    • hawk
    • February 17th, 2009

    AGHHHHHHHHH…..Cya later. again I don’t know when. and u don’t have to let me be in yr chat. u were just the charecter. i really don’t know when im going to post again. now im serious.

    • hawk
    • February 17th, 2009

    SORRY. ONE WORD THATS ALL IM SAYING. SORRY. Sorry i hurt your feeling ora, lavaster, who ever got offended…

    Hawk flying chat

    Everyone logs on
    Hawk: Sorry guys.
    Hawk: I didn’t know u guys would take it so seriously. im really sorry. especially to ora.
    All: IHTWFYR
    Hawk: *delivers infinete gourmat food which all the best chefs in the world cooked and the best scieence experts found out the recipe for and it tastes like everything everybody would want at that time but he had to sell everything he owned and now he lives in a cardboard box but to live there and own the cardboard box he gives spongebaths to all the overweight people at the hospital*
    Hawk: time for their spongebaths. *shivers*
    Hawk logs off
    All: IHTWFYR
    Please guys. copy this chat and put in your responses and close in on the end of this.
    ihtwfyr stand for i have to wait for your responses.

    • ora181527
    • February 18th, 2009

    aww thanks ;)…..
    Its okay i got over the “offense”
    ‘Time for their spongebaths *Shivers*’
    lol i thought that was funny…
    okay you have 3 days of no chat from me!

  6. uhh I didn’t see what hawk even said!

  7. so technically I’m not offended but Ora you got it wrong I’m not offened because I didn’t readh what hawk even said!

    • ora181527
    • February 19th, 2009

    O o O Sorry bud! 😉 I thought u saw it!! anways we are all over it!!!

  8. well hawk you didn’t have to add me for the forgivness

  9. well hawk you don’t have to apoligize to me because silly ora got it wrong!

    • ora181527
    • February 20th, 2009

    yep…. actually im the one whos sorry NOW!!

    • ora181527
    • March 21st, 2009

    Hello? *echo* *echo*
    AnyBODY home?!?!?! Gosh, I missed ALOT didnt I? Noones writing im not typing as fast~~!!! this is f-r-e-a-k-y!!! SOMEONE WRITE!! *eCHO* Hey!!! weres that echo coming from?? *Echo* :^l

    • Snowland303 (notloggedin)
    • March 27th, 2009

    Hey ora, I actually would like a super-soft room 🙂

    • hawk
    • March 31st, 2009


    • ora181527
    • April 7th, 2009

    okay sorry! youll have a super soft room whatever you want! I didnt know so i just made up one lol.

    • hawk
    • April 7th, 2009

    *hawks chased screaming by a 42 GIANT MUNTAT RABID SQUIRELS who breed like guppies are breeding back at their base and their grown adults instantly and they speed up to get me oh no 5 more just joined AHHHHHHHHH SOMEBODY HELP* XD lol

    • ora181527
    • April 8th, 2009

    ehmm,,, okay?
    Hey Lava! I was just on cp… how come you logged off so quick? :^(
    Lavaster: u were? oh sorry i ran out of things to do, since my membership expired in Feb. or something. 😦 i didnt see u log on!

    • ora181527
    • April 9th, 2009

    o i was already on!

    • ora181527
    • May 10th, 2009

    nobodys talking im mad at ya’ll!

  10. ooo well i liked it a little it with that acting but its weird weirdos.

    • yislay
    • May 22nd, 2009

    kool messenger! can yu add me two?

    • armghan mirza
    • May 26th, 2009

    puffle name. mario
    hobbies.surfing with my penguin serious dancer
    least favorite thing to do.getting grounded for over surfing and for danceing over night
    favorite food.choclete puffle o,s for dessert and puffle berries and veggies for breakfest

  11. omg, yall are talking without meh! BOOHOO!! 😀

      • armghan mirza
      • June 9th, 2009

      no i am not

    • hawk
    • June 19th, 2009

    Hey ora, I notice you only seem to comment here.

    • yislay
    • June 21st, 2009

    (waits)……..i dont mean to bother yu but can i be a new user on p.m?
    Lavaster: Sure!

    • belldranit
    • July 6th, 2009

    Ora, that chat with the Beatles in it was HILARIOUS.

    *Belldranit logs in*
    Belldranit: So lonely.
    *music joins*
    Belldranit: Lonely, I’m so lonely, I have nobody, but my oooown!
    *Snowland logs in*
    Snowland: Great, he’s singing.
    Belldranit: SNOWLAND!!!!!!!! HUFFA PUFFA!!!!!!!!
    Snowland: What’s “huffa puffa”?
    Belldranit: I don’t know, but I’m not lonely anymore!
    *Spongebob and Patrick log on*
    Spongebob and Patrick: Not lonely!
    *Spongebob and Patrick log off*
    Snowland: Uhhhh……what just happened?
    *Tails logs on*
    *Xfadeaway logs on*
    Belldranit: HEE-HOOTERS, YOU’RE HERE!!!!!!!
    Tails: What the…..
    Xfadeaway: That’s strange.
    *Fabio logs on*
    *Steve Abotts logs on*
    *Michael Jackson logs on*
    *Tails logs off*
    *Xfadeaway logs off*
    Snowland: MICHAEL JACKSON…..I thought you were dead!
    Michael Jackson: No, Snowland, a magical wizard came…..
    Snowland: Cut to the chase.
    Michael Jackson: Okay, okay! I’m alive again.
    Belldranit: NO!!!!! THE KING OF POP SUCKS!!!!!
    *Belldranit logs off*
    Snowland: Heh, everyone. We got ’em.
    *reveals that Ora is Fabio, Hawk is Steve Abotts, and Lavaster is Michael Jackson*
    Lavaster: Thank goodness. I can’t stand this outfit.
    Hawk: Skin disease bothering you?
    Lavaster: YES! Now I know why his skin turned white!
    Ora: Come on, let’s get some eggs.
    Lavaster: Yum, can I get mine hard-boiled?
    Hawk: I’m up for scrambled.
    Snowland: Yuck, I hate eggs.
    *Snowland sneaks away and logs off*
    *Everyone logs off*


    *Tails and others log on*

    Tails:Yeah so better after many long years

    Bell:I see

    *Billy Mays logs on*


    Tails:I would like to buy the tripled offer *gives Mays his money*

    everyone logs off
    Lavaster: LOL! Great PM, Tails!! R.I.P. Billy Mays (But a lot of people hated him)

  13. Thanks I have his city slider station.

    * Tails and others log on*


    Lavaster:Tails what in the name of pancakes are you playing

    Tails:Sonic megamix.


    Tails:Second zone. COME ON MIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!

    *Tails then closes game and starts popcorn*

    Tails:Asking about the popcorn?


    Tails:I’m gonna start playing one of my other games.

    lava:Okay I’m gonna have a burger bye!!!

    *both log off, ringo logs on*


    *Ringo logs off*

    • Belldranit
    • July 15th, 2009

    *Belldranit logs on*
    Belldranit: Wait, that’s not right.
    *Shortens name to Bell*
    Bell: Much better.
    *Billy Mays logs on*
    *Ferra Fosset logs on*
    Ferra Fosset: Hi.
    Bell: They were supposed to be DEAD.
    Lavaster: It’s Farrah Fawcett. 🙂 Also, you should add in Michael Jackson!!! 😀

    • Belldranit
    • July 16th, 2009

    1. Okay…..now thats why I wondered her name sounded weird, thx.
    2. I put in MJ in my other chat (i think the king of pop still sux)

  14. OXI PUTTY SLIDER STATION GOOD ONE. My dad missed that girl. I miss Billy Mays

    • yislay
    • August 20th, 2009

    ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○ lol

  15. *Tails has logged in*

    Tails:agh I hate swimming *after going through super bowser brothers underwater level in paper mario 1000 year door* At least its better than being a running fridge.And speaking of which where is my fridge?

    Sonic: *holding fridge* sucker

    • hawk
    • September 14th, 2009

    New pm!

    *hawk logs on*

    nobody here? hmm. Geuss I’ll have to go find something else to do!
    *hawk logs off*
    Some random guy: Hawk you just won a 100102929598478547854857326740547467342694239342789874384389437342934821843895489 trillion dollar prize! Huh. Where did he go? Well what do we do with this money? Lets seperate it among everyone on pm!! and then buy lavaster a lifetime supply of whatever-flavor-you-imagine-it-to-be-and-non-fattening-icecream!!
    Now lets go back to hawk after this break!

    some guy who works on commercials: Hey, do you ever have a problem where your wallet weighs you down? Well i and several other random people you’ve never met in your life got that problem solved by the money releiver system! now available to be sent in checks, large bills, and credit cards! just buy a box, tape on the address: 61115 not real street in fakeland, pay shipping, and put all your money in the box! now our wallets are so light, I can run without any weight in it at all! Oh, and kids! do you want to give your parents a gift? take their money, and send it to us! They’ll be so happy!
    must be really gullible to call. copyright hawk industries

    And now! Back to hawk!

    Hawk: Hmm. Since I’m wandering endlessly around this internet, I might as well go explore. *jumps into mmorpg ad*
    *armor and weapons generate on hawk*
    Hawk: Huh?!!?
    Some random monster: RAHGHAGHAHGH
    *shows lolcat pictures that says technical difficulties for 5 minutes*
    Hawk: wonder how I survived that. Anyway. *jumps down to keyboard*
    *types in lavaster.wordpress.com/*
    Hawk: cool site. Hmm. *goes through missions* Those were Awesome! *goes into pm* *large letters appear above him* *hawk logs on*
    Belldranit: Hey hawk.
    Tails:Anything exciting happen today hawk?
    Hawk:*tells them everythign that happened today*
    ora: That couldn’t have been all true!
    Hawk: Yeah. Its true though. one thing thats going to be awesome and thats really true is that I’m going to chicago for a week in 4 days and probably won’t be able to contact you guys.
    Lavaster: Awesome hawk.
    Hawk: yeah. Well I gotta go. Feed…go to….take pictures of… ah dang it. I’m going to sit in a dark and damp room and all I’m doing is an effort to end this pm.
    tails: Yeah We should probably log off.
    Hawk: bye everybody
    *everybody says bye to everybody else*
    *everybody except tails logs off*
    *secret story stealer logs off*
    Tails:huh? what was that? Hmm. better tell hawk
    *tails logs off*
    What will tails tell hawk? what will lavaster update the site with? what will belldranit eat next after mayo? All these answered in next pm!! (probably not cause I’m too lazy)

    Howd you like it? Please don’t take offense if I worked your character wrong.
    Hawk rocks!! Party at his house till 2:00 A.M.!!!

      • ora181527
      • November 8th, 2009

      teehee, thats the most lines ive said in my whole life! 😀

      • ora181527
      • November 8th, 2009

      teehee, thats the most lines ive said in my whole life! 😀 XD teeheehee

    • bell loves to eat mayo
    • September 26th, 2009

    My character was worked just fine. I didn’t talk much and DATS the way Iike it.

    • ora181527
    • November 8th, 2009

    Omg! HI hi hi hi!! This is me ORAAAAA. I havent commented in a while, hope i didnt miss anything, and im answerwing to hawks long time ago question, i comment here only cuz its busier. teehee 🙂

    • ora181527
    • November 8th, 2009

    Thanks so much belldranit, but i made 1 mistake, paulmcartney isnt dead, i think either george or ringo died

    • ora181527
    • November 8th, 2009

    Ora logs on
    Lavaster logs on
    Tails logs on
    Snowland logs on
    Mika logs on

    Ora: Hi *doesnt notice Mika*
    Lavaster: Hey
    Mika: Hola
    Ora: OMG! ITS MIKA…*runs after mika then hugs with all might*
    *Mika logs off*
    Ora: sniffle, he logged off
    Tails: Its okay, we understand your obsession with him.
    Snowland: Just to make you happy do you want any scrambled egg?
    Lavaster: Maybe some salad?
    Ora: *sniffle* (in really small voice) yes.

    lol, end of chat

    • ora181527
    • November 8th, 2009

    woops sorry i commented the same thing twice

  16. Imnot really 13, its just
    keepin it
    smthings wrong wit
    my key board :,(

    • ora181527
    • November 21st, 2009

    lol, STILL nobodys answering!!! me so sadddd…

  17. Lol, i added my site, teeheehee!!! you can check it OUT! im just being really random so yah.

    • Munchy
    • November 22nd, 2009

    ♥ ♥

    • Munchy
    • November 22nd, 2009

    Hehe… 😛

  18. heeeeeeeheeeeeee……….XD

    • jigglychu
    • December 6th, 2009


    Jigglychu: Heh heh. *Holds a bomb* I cannot wait. *Stuffs bomb inside a cookie*
    *Fabio logs on*
    Jigglychu: Hi Fabio. Do you want a cookie?
    Fabio: GIMMIE!!!
    Jigglychu: Ok, here.
    Fabio: Yummmmmm.
    *Fabio Logs Off*
    Jigglychu: That’s for messin’ with Puff M!
    *Fabio logs on looking all tattered*
    Jigglychu: Oh let’s see. Milk, eggs, flour, sugar and, Oh yeah, a bomb.
    Fabio: I hate you.
    Jigglychu: Right back atcha!
    *Fabio logs off*
    Jigglychu: Oh sweet, sweet REVENGE! MWA-HAHAHA! Where did that come from?

  19. homer simpson? lol

    • yislay
    • December 21st, 2009

    can yu add me ive told yu a million times!

    • yislay
    • December 22nd, 2009


    • jigglychu
    • January 8th, 2010

    Welcome to the prankery of pranks! Now give a big round of applause for your host Jigglychu!

    Jigglychu: Hi, Hello! *Blows kisses* Mwah! Mwah! Now today’s victim is Puff M! Now watch n learn. *Puts whoopie cushion on chair*
    *Puff M logs on*
    Jigglychu: Hey buddy!
    Puff M: Oh hey.
    Jigglychu: May I offer you a chair?
    Puff M: Oh yes please! *Sits on chair, A farffffffpphhh is heard, which activates a lever and dumps mud on Puff M* JIGGLYCHU!!!!!!!!!!
    Jigglychu: Yes?
    Puff M: Grrrrrrrrr. I really dont like you.
    Jigglychu: Thanks! *Holds up calender* You remembered my B-day!
    And you know what we do on Jan,30.
    Puff M: YOU IDIOT! ITS ONLY JANUARY 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Puff M logs off*
    Jigglychu: Well, Th-th-th-that’s all folks! (Remember that somewhere?)

    • jigglychu
    • January 8th, 2010

    Welcome to the prankery of pranks! Now give a big round of applause for your host Jigglychu!

    Jigglychu: Hi, Hello! *Blows kisses* Mwah! Mwah! Now today’s victim is Puff M! Now watch n learn. *Puts whoopie cushion on chair*
    *Puff M logs on*
    Jigglychu: Hey buddy!
    Puff M: Oh hey.
    Jigglychu: May I offer you a chair?
    Puff M: Oh yes please! *Sits on chair, A farffffffpphhh is heard, which activates a lever and dumps mud on Puff M* JIGGLYCHU!!!!!!!!!!
    Jigglychu: Yes?
    Puff M: Grrrrrrrrr. I really dont like you.
    Jigglychu: Thanks! *Holds up calender* You remembered my B-day!
    And you know what we do on Jan,30.
    Puff M: YOU IDIOT! ITS ONLY JANUARY 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Puff M logs off*
    Jigglychu: Well, Th-th-th-that’s all folks! (Remember that somewhere?)

    • armghan mirza
    • January 14th, 2010

    lavaster you missed my birthday happy brithday to meeeeeeeeee yay im a two didget midget
    Lavaster: Coolio, foolio!! 😀
    Happy Birthday!

    • Soulathena
    • January 23rd, 2010

    I advise you to delete Redpuff and Pinky (I dont use that account anymore, i dont like the username xfadeaway). I shall now be known as Soulathena, my new penguins’ name. Pretend Redpuff and Pinky were pufflenapped forever.

    My new puffles are Fire (red) and Ice (blue).

    • Soulathena
    • January 23rd, 2010

    Name: Lily
    Age: 8
    Hobbies: Writing stories, playing with her puffles, drawing comics
    Least favorite things to do: Do chores, do homework, get a day off school
    Favorite Food: Ripe, uncooked tomatoes

    Name: Fire
    Age: In human years? About two months old. In puffle years? Six.
    Hobbies: Taking baths, surfing, eating food
    Least favorite things to do: Get pufflenapped, have someone tell them they’re too young to be on Penguin Chat, get banned on Penguin Chat
    Favorite Food: Spicy Puffle Os

    Name: Ice
    Age: In human years? One and a half months old. In puffle years? Five years old.
    Hobbies: Bouncing/rolling her ball around, exercising, playing games
    Least favorite things to do: Doing homework, eating broccoli, eat spinach
    Favorite Food: Normal Puffle Os

    • :O.
      You don’t like schoolll…
      I’m a fifth grader,(you still dont know my name oR age!!!), in my school when you get a day off your’e blessed.

  20. Hey, can Ice and Jasmine be friends?

    • HOLLYX8
    • January 27th, 2010

    my name is holly my faforite food is spicy pizza do you wantto chat im new here please welcome me because i dont quit get this whole chatting thing.

  21. WAIT A SECCY! u know tails on cp too?! hes my friend or she xD

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