Cheats finally!

Here is a trick. If you want to move somebody’s igloo stuff, go to your igloo. Care for your puffles if needed and if you have some. NOW you can do this! Click on your buddy list. Now keep that open. Click the tape measure. Click on a buddy who is a MEMBER. You don’t have to be a member, though. You will appear in their house. Then click and hold on some type of furniture. Drag your cursor to the other end of the igloo. It moves! If you throw it out it won’t be there anymore. *NOTE: When you leave and come back, it’s in place. Everything is. I don’t know if others see you moving the furniture or if only you do. 😦


It doesn’t work anymore. It worked without the Penguin clock tower in the snow forts.


Information before more cheats

Okay, now I know this is crossed but if you can read this word:cheats then that’s good. If anybody copies from my site and you see them in CP, report them. Okay, now for me to tell you about the video below on my other post. The N, E, S, W stands for North, East, South, and West. The letters next to the cordodinates are what you have to put in the locked safe thingy. In here I have posted a video explaining how to change penguin color without paying and without making another penguin.

The video is really from google.videos, not youtube.


😛 Hello, I, Lavaster, am back with the latest news on CP’s finest blog. Right now YOU can win a chance to be an editor. On May 1, 2007, go to the server Blizzard. If that is Full, try the last one in the last page. If that is also full, try Mittens in the third country. It will be from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. If I am nowhere to be found, contact me by giving a comment and I will make a conference with you. If there is a video below, it has to do with how to beat mission 3 if you are a spy. Some posts will include these markings: [SPY] if you have to be a spy, [NINJA] or [N] if you have to be like a ninja… and [TG] or [tours] if you have to be a or with a tour guide. It has to do with spies, or if you are doing the mission. I even know how to beat mission 2. But it is mission 3. Lets see… If you can’t see it then I need to get more information about uploading videos.

Some cheats

Go to Pizzatron. Look for an individual red lever with candy and pizza behind it. Click the red part and then click PLAY. Look at your screen. Be surprised! Also, at the main menu of Astro Barrier, {If you like that game} press 1 to skip to level 10, 2 to get to level 20, or tap 3 to make it to level 30. I recomend for best deal, the button 3. Let’s see if my video got up loaded. If not, too bad.

April Fools gave luck

Hi again everybody! If you have questions or comments OR codes reply to me. I will choose the good ones.

Anyway, on April fools day you had to look for 3 things. Sorry I didn’t take a picture. 1. The box pin was in the huge box in the dock. 2. The masks were in the beach with the mask picture on the box. 3. The propeller caps were in the mine shaft. Now in the CP home page, click on that blue penguin on the very, VERY top. It changes clothes! Know move your cursor over the coffee shop entrance. A blue penguin comes out. Now click the N in the night club photo. The pinguin wears a ninja costume.

My first time

Hi, this is my first ever blog. As you may know, I am about to give you secrets. But first, you have to take my quiz to see if I will qualify you to be able to make comments here.

1. Have you ever wrote a bad comment more than twice on somebody else’s blog?
2. Are you sure that you can keep from being banned in Club penguin?
3. Are you a member?

4. Have you experienced anything that keeps you from acting normal?
5. Are you a COPY CAT?
6. Do you spam or hack?

If you answered yes to at least 2 questions out of questions 1, 5, 6, and mabe 4, you must NOT try breaking the rules. If I notice you are being bad, you will be blocked and I might copy off parts of your blog if you get one. For those who are wondering, “Man, I am not a member. I can’t do most of the cheats here.” that won’t happen! 🙂 If my posts are marked with MEMBERS, that is a cheat that works for members of Club Penguin. If it is not marked, anybody can try it! It’s free, too. Those who want to copy have to pay me $1.00, no tax, or they will have to be my Club Penguin buddy, and/or they must read the policy below AND must meet me in Club Penguin. We will talk over it.

I pledge not to copy without permission. I know this site is for people/ kids who are being safe and not asking about personal information. Hackers and spamers are not allowed. I can ONLY advertise by sending a comment and Lavaster accepting it, depending on the advertisement. I will not break any rules or I must be blocked OR I will have to meet with Lavaster on Club penguin. If I don’t care about ANYTHING, I will be banned. It will only take 10 seconds if I meet Lavaster and she wants to ban me. I accept to follow the law and NOT hurt her feelings. For those posts that need a codeword or a password, I must ask Lavaster by meeting her on Club Penguin or by working and helping her with this blog. EVERYBODY MUST READ POLICY OR I WILL KNOW IF THEY DIDN’T. If you don’t want to, comment me and I will think if you can skip this. But I will give you a little quiz.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!