Might End up Re-opening PixPeng City…

I’m nearly finished with The Dojo; I only need ideas for the missions and submissions of furniture, clothing, and library books… but since it’s THAT dependent and the catalogs are kinda small, I think I’ll do PixPeng City for about a month or two and if it doesn’t work, I’ll do The Dojo.



About 1 Day Left ’til I’m done developing The Dojo!

It won’t be the grand opening, though. Please read the most recent post at http://www.enterthedojo.wordpress.com for more information. You can even submit poetry/guides and clothing!


Club Penguin’s Earth Day party review

The earth day party happening in Club Penguin isn’t all great… mainly because I’m not exactly a “green freak.”

1. I don’t like the color green… honestly. It’s an icky color to me, the color of vomit and toxic acid.

2. I will use all the electricity I can EVERY EARTH DAY!!! (More like Gray Day, and not Green Day. Lol) My friend’s dad does this.

3. I will NOT turn off my lights, no siree!

4. GLOBAL WARMING DOES NOT EXIST SCIENTIFICALLY. Ask any up-to-date scientist, they will say it doesn’t exist unless they’re soooo 2006!

5. WE WON’T RUN OUT OF FRIGGING WATER!!! What goes up in the clouds must come down as rain. GET THE PICTURE, YOU VEGETARIAN HIPPIES!!!!!

6. I will not waste my time watering plants!

7. I don’t like orchards or gardens. They scare the heck out of me, like a horror movie. Not a phobia, it’s just… they’re so dark and ugly, just as scary as the new Alice in Wonderland movie. (DON’T DARE ME TO WATCH THAT!!!)

8. Who the heck likes wooden everything for furniture?!

9. I am a minimalist and love contemporary and modern designs and TECHNOLOGY so yea

10. Hybrids are MORE DANGEROUS AND FATAL than normal cars are.

blahblahblah this is a draft so it didn’t come complete, so waaah! I forgot what I said here.

Waddle on!

~ l a v a s t e r ~


I was writing a post and my stupid browser totally ruined it by going to another page without asking me first. And WordPress didn’t friggin save it as a draft cuz I’m a friggin fast typer! (The only reason why typing fast sucks. I love typing fast cuz people ALWAYS notice 🙂    ) Darn. It was the top 10 reasons why I hate Earth Day. And why I disliked the Club Penguin Earth Day party when I went on.

Anyways, I’m still working on The Dojo. Amazingly, it should be done in about a week or so… sooner than you’d think!


~ l a v a s t e r ~

I’ve designed ‘The Dojo’ penguin!

I’ve decided that I would design the penguin myself for my upcoming blog game, ‘The Dojo.’ So I have!
But anyways, I think the game will take a lot longer than 40-50 days. What will be the most difficult? Not sure… but probably organizing all the subpages. But other than that, this might be a pretty good game… If any of you have ideas and suggestions for the game features, you can let me know by commenting.
And to make this clear again, it’s *not* a flash game or interactive. An example of a blog game (although this one is closed) is here. Just so you know, AFTER it closed I made my own blog game and added video games that would be playable… then the creator totally copied everything unique that I made up! Luckily, though, her game was already long-closed.

And yes, I *will* have a “HOW TO PLAY” page. People new to blog/text-based games should read the HOW TO PLAY page before making an account so that they know what exactly they are about to join. And yes, blog games are FUN when there’s plenty of other people, so that’s why I want to spread the word about it! To spread the fun!

I’m not making the game to make a profit, or advertise this site or increase my popularity. I’m making it for the joy, challenge, and fun of it. If you were a fan of Snow949/Sara’s blog games, you’ll have tons of fun with this one! Never-before-done features will be included in the game.

Thank you for reading this!


Can anyone draw a good penguin?

It must be made on MS paint (If you want, you are allowed to sketch it, scan it, and trace it on MS Paint) and should be a reasonable size for my newest blog game, The Dojo. Yes, credit will be given to whoever makes it for me. 🙂 Please don’t fill it in with colors and no shading! I will take care of that stuff.
I may end up “hiring” graphic designers. Sorry, no pay! But you will be recognized as one of the staff, and you’ll get credit for your drawing. (If you don’t want credit, you can just say so in a comment!) Please no linking to other sites except photograph hosting sites. You can also e-mail me your picture, but I would much rather prefer you just upload it to Photobucket and send me the link.
Below your penguin drawing you should have your comment name in solid black. It cannot be a watermark over the penguin… I must be able to remove the comment name. Putting your name on it is only so that I can identify that it was really YOU who made the pic.
Also, the penguin must not be realistic looking. It must either be a simple drawing, a drawing inspired by Club Penguin, or a cartoon.
(P.S. Bringing this up to others who love drawing animals like penguins would be very nice.)

“The Dojo” site updates

Click on the widget on my sidebar. It’ll lead you to The Dojo, a new blog game I’m working on. (It’s a picture widget.)
I don’t have the game ready, just the site apparel and a post about what I’ll be working on… it’s a post you don’t want to miss! There’s some cool stuff tucked in there, just be patient to find it!