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You guys didn’t think I completely left this blog, did you?

Looking back to when I first started this blog, I was like any n00b. But with time (a LOT of it) I managed to reach the acceptable milestone of 50,000 viewers. All gone to waste, I guess, since later I quit. I’d grown out of Club Penguin, just like 90% of all of us will. I always thought, “I’ll be the CP blogger that never quits CP and keeps blogging!” and I even said I’d never quit. Now I know, of course, that that was all a lie.

I think I’m going to just make a personal website. I won’t reveal my name but it sure will reveal my personal life. Let’s just hope I remember to update it often… The link is soon to be released on my YouTube account.

I’m pretty sure nobody’s reading this, except maybe one of my online friends that I met on Club Penguin a while ago. (If she’s reading this, she should know I’m talking about her! Yes, you, Ora!) That’s what happens when you quit a blog… barely anyone sticks around to see if you make anything of it. I’m sure that if I were more popular and “famous,” I may have stayed with this blog…

I *might* be making a Club Penguin fame guide, although I once was making one now I have to start from scratch since I no longer have the original file. IF and once I do release it, it’ll be for a price. The only discount will be for my old online friends, and they’ll have to pay the price of awesome FREE-ness! (In other words [for noobs], it’ll be free to them.)

Just felt like updating the site and letting you guys know everything!



It might sound childish for my age, but…

I think I’m going to buy myself another 1-month membership!

See? Told ya it was childish!

I just started going back on CP again and thought of brilliant ideas I want to put into place.. mainly because of the wigs in the catalog. Yes, the friggin’ WIGS in the friggin’ CATALOG.   😆

So I’m going to make another movie theater, I’ll be dressing up and robbing the pizza place, I’ll be forming rock and pop bands on CP… all that good stuff. 🙂

Speaking of which, what are some creative things to do on CP that most penguins don’t think of doing? Let’s make a ‘Must Do on Club Penguin Before You Quit or Die’ list! I’ll post all appropriate ideas on the list. You can still comment on this post and add onto it even when it  becomes an old post.

I said my ideas above. 🙂   Not very unique, but try them; they actually ARE pretty fun!

And I’ll be making a CP movie again… here’s the poster I made:

The poster was entirely random but it’s actually what inspired me to make the video. Any ideas for what the gangster might try to do to her?

I think I’ll be making another movie, too, but I haven’t decided on what. But I think I should make this movie first, THEN think about my next one. 🙂

Waddle On!


P.S. What’s the point of putting a link to your site ON your site??? I think I’ll stop putting my site link on my posts from now on..


Plenty of updates have taken place on Club Penguin including sheet music at the WHAT’S NEW blog, however I unfortunately haven’t been able to update my site lately. I know, I know, real bummer, but hey! Pretty soon I’ll be back!    😉

This post is being made during a limited-time opportunity, sorry I can’t really do anything else. As you can see, my activity on the computer booped down to ZERO!     😉

To keep the fun up and running, let’s pretend we’re all in middle school. Which classes would you take, out of the following?

Period 1:






-Study Time

Period 2-5: Select a different class for each period. 

Period 6: Electives



-Extra Fitness Time (Football team? Cheerleading? Stretching? Pilates/yoga?)

-Chorus (singing)

-Dance (Not a usual elective!)

-Peer Helper (Help other students and school staff from your own school time. Sometimes you may tutor after school.)

-Math Help

-Power Reading class/Writing Appreciation club

-English Help



-Drama Club

-Music and Film/Movie Appreciation After-School club

-Safety Patrol (after or before school, but if you choose this you get to choose one extra elective)

-Yearbook Club


-Cooking Class

-Graphic Designing on the computer

-Art class/Exploring Arts

-Fashion Designing

~What are Electives? Extra classes that usually take place in the last period of school. You get to sign up for these. 

~Don’t they seem more…. High School-ish? Kinda!   😉

~How many electives can I pick? Maximum of 4, minimum of 1. If you can’t choose, just pick randomly out of your top picks! Or, if you don’t like any of them, just choose “Extra Study Help”, a.k.a. Study Time for an elective.

~This is just for fun, right? Nothing personal? Yep, nothing personal! Just a little for-fun game I came up with! It also gets everyone to know you better, but not personally. If you or your guardians/care takers wish to rid the information, just e-mail me privately at and I will delete the comment. Do NOT request it through a comment. Thank you!

~My best friend also commented here and put the worst classes for all of their periods. I hate them!!! Why??? Honestly there are many reasons for this. Maybe they’re joking around, doing a test or experiment, or even just stating their own honest decisions! Really, the world isn’t ending, so stop worrying, and no, this doesn’t mean your best friend will get more popular than you and become totally famous here, but that doesn’t mean you can stop being friends just because of an internet survey. And plus, how can you tell it’s REALLY your best friend, unless you are standing right next to them and watched as they typed in THEIR opinions?

~Um, the middle school I know about has more/less than 6 periods. I am not used to that. Can you please change it? I’m going to make my answer clean, clear, simple, and fast so you all can understand it and not ask any favors or questions: No. 

~The middle school I know has NOTHING like the classes you just posted! Fix it! Actually, NORMAL middle schools may have a few of my selections. Sorry if you feel offended in any way.

~Can I suggest a class? No, this post is final and I will NOT be making even important updates to it! I will make a separate post for that update, if necessary to post it.

~Why not a “Club Penguin” class? Gotta have something different and NON-Club Penguin every once in a while! Right? This site is helping you keep you guys alive and is scientifically proven to make you live LONGER!    😉    

[Not really proven, just VERY, VERY likely! How much more? Probably not much.]

And unrelated questions…

~When are you gonna update this site about CP?

When it’s time to!

~Are you lazy?
That’s NOWHERE NEAR why I haven’t been posting.

~I’m afraid of ghosts.


~When will you have another one of your so-awesome membership giveaways?

Not for a while, but FINALLY I gave myself a treat and respect and bought myself a CP Membership! If you are just looking for a free, random membership for almost ANYTHING, don’t ask! Go to PixPeng City!!!     😉

~Are you going to make an iPhone App? A newsfeed for your site?

SUPER likely!   😉

~WHEN IS THAT BOOK COMING OUT?!?!?!?! The eBook and that one book your friend wrote or whatever??!?!?!!?!

Um, soon for the friend thingy and for the eBook, once I get at LEAST 70,000 hits so I know people ACTUALLY want it and for the PLUS second installment (addition) to the guide, you’ll have to wait for 90,000 hits!!! Or was it 80,000?? Maybe 100,000?????   😀

Keep up the STUPENDOUS WORK, fans!! 

My site is the bomb

It doesn’t attract mobs

So if you’re looking for fun

At other sites you’ll find none

Keep coming back

I won’t, on your back, put a tack!

A surprise is waiting


This poem really sucks

It’s just like muck

But whatever, let’s work on those hits

And I may give out some tips

This site will be better

But it’s nowhere near yucky batter

I think I should stop

and no, I won’t go mop

So my poem is ending

But this site will be mending!

Yes, excuse me for my *cough*awful*cough* poem.    😆


PIE!!!! :P

Hi! Just wanted to say I plan on REMODELING THE SITE AGAIN!! 😀 I’m gonna….

*Make Comics

*Make Club Penguin Missions (created by Creamfan a long time ago)

*Other Stuff! Suggest some, too!

Be on the lookout!

I also would like somebody to be an author, too…. someone I can trust!

Until Then…