You guys didn’t think I completely left this blog, did you?

Looking back to when I first started this blog, I was like any n00b. But with time (a LOT of it) I managed to reach the acceptable milestone of 50,000 viewers. All gone to waste, I guess, since later I quit. I’d grown out of Club Penguin, just like 90% of all of us will. I always thought, “I’ll be the CP blogger that never quits CP and keeps blogging!” and I even said I’d never quit. Now I know, of course, that that was all a lie.

I think I’m going to just make a personal website. I won’t reveal my name but it sure will reveal my personal life. Let’s just hope I remember to update it often… The link is soon to be released on my YouTube account.

I’m pretty sure nobody’s reading this, except maybe one of my online friends that I met on Club Penguin a while ago. (If she’s reading this, she should know I’m talking about her! Yes, you, Ora!) That’s what happens when you quit a blog… barely anyone sticks around to see if you make anything of it. I’m sure that if I were more popular and “famous,” I may have stayed with this blog…

I *might* be making a Club Penguin fame guide, although I once was making one now I have to start from scratch since I no longer have the original file. IF and once I do release it, it’ll be for a price. The only discount will be for my old online friends, and they’ll have to pay the price of awesome FREE-ness! (In other words [for noobs], it’ll be free to them.)

Just felt like updating the site and letting you guys know everything!


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  1. I WAS READING IT! i just opened my email, and i saw your new post! I think i am the only one reading >.> …but thanks ^^ I didnt meet you just a while AGO… but i was still a little tadpole on cp… it was probably my 365+ days on club penhuin, but then it started to get sucky after disney bought cp, that’s when i stopped playing. didney ruins EVERTYTHING “no offense”

    • and yes it IS true that 90% quit through out a 3 year period. Since when i was little, i love CP… I STILL enjoy it — every once in a while i go on (every year xD). But just to tell youi– CP will last more thousands of years than expected, for our childrens children to enjoy ^^

  2. Ehm, Lava!
    I know this is quite strange to ask, but why did you delete my comments? I was waiting for a reply! ^^

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