EPF: Recruiting!

PS: Im dressed like that for a reason.

Just me dancing. 🙂

The test is super easy. I beat the cage one in 2 seconds; doesn’t take a genius to know how, it was so easy a ROCK could do it. Seriously. Before the cage was even DONE I knew what to do by myself.

Also, I’ll be making a CP movie soon…

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  1. Lavaster.
    I’ve known you for a while, from CP to here, but I need your help. I have absolutely NO subscribers to my website, and I known it’s a violation to advertise here. But… I write some really good stuff on my blog ( I am teaching someone something, like not judging someone!) PLEASE HELP! at first my blog was going fine, but now NOBODY reads it. I mean seriously NO-ONE. the most people that ever went I my blog was 6 in one day, and that was me logging into different computers with my friends. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Thanks.

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