COOLIO YouTube Background + A cool “surprise” for some

YouTube Background

I finally have a cool background! Here it is!

I made it in less than 5 minutes including testing it out on YouTube. If you want a background like that, lemme know! I WILL put my watermark on it, though, and you are not to remove the watermark… well, not like you can if you can’t make a background like this. If you want a background like this, you’ll have to SOLEMNLY SWEAR you will not take credit for it and if someone asks, you’ll say that I, Lavaster, made it. That’s it, really.

“Surprise” for some

I opened a new site for Club Penguin-inspired missions. It’s not PSA/EPF Missions, but my own! Check it out!

I am expecting to start creating the first mission next week.


-Create Club Penguin video

-Make more CP videos/movies/films

-Make first mission

The mission may or may not include SOME pictures… probably not, unless the mission calls for some.



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