I’ve designed ‘The Dojo’ penguin!

I’ve decided that I would design the penguin myself for my upcoming blog game, ‘The Dojo.’ So I have!
But anyways, I think the game will take a lot longer than 40-50 days. What will be the most difficult? Not sure… but probably organizing all the subpages. But other than that, this might be a pretty good game… If any of you have ideas and suggestions for the game features, you can let me know by commenting.
And to make this clear again, it’s *not* a flash game or interactive. An example of a blog game (although this one is closed) is here. Just so you know, AFTER it closed I made my own blog game and added video games that would be playable… then the creator totally copied everything unique that I made up! Luckily, though, her game was already long-closed.

And yes, I *will* have a “HOW TO PLAY” page. People new to blog/text-based games should read the HOW TO PLAY page before making an account so that they know what exactly they are about to join. And yes, blog games are FUN when there’s plenty of other people, so that’s why I want to spread the word about it! To spread the fun!

I’m not making the game to make a profit, or advertise this site or increase my popularity. I’m making it for the joy, challenge, and fun of it. If you were a fan of Snow949/Sara’s blog games, you’ll have tons of fun with this one! Never-before-done features will be included in the game.

Thank you for reading this!


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