Can anyone draw a good penguin?

It must be made on MS paint (If you want, you are allowed to sketch it, scan it, and trace it on MS Paint) and should be a reasonable size for my newest blog game, The Dojo. Yes, credit will be given to whoever makes it for me. 🙂 Please don’t fill it in with colors and no shading! I will take care of that stuff.
I may end up “hiring” graphic designers. Sorry, no pay! But you will be recognized as one of the staff, and you’ll get credit for your drawing. (If you don’t want credit, you can just say so in a comment!) Please no linking to other sites except photograph hosting sites. You can also e-mail me your picture, but I would much rather prefer you just upload it to Photobucket and send me the link.
Below your penguin drawing you should have your comment name in solid black. It cannot be a watermark over the penguin… I must be able to remove the comment name. Putting your name on it is only so that I can identify that it was really YOU who made the pic.
Also, the penguin must not be realistic looking. It must either be a simple drawing, a drawing inspired by Club Penguin, or a cartoon.
(P.S. Bringing this up to others who love drawing animals like penguins would be very nice.)

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