Possible Game coming soon?

[First, answer the poll in the previous post. Second, I know I haven’t posted Mexicali pictures. I might not do that or I might post it in the Pictures page.]

Remember Puffz and Puffe Creator by ex-blogger Snow949? Can you recall the blog games that I made?

Well, Snow949 came up with the original idea. So after she came and went, I started cranking up my own. All closed down or I stopped updating…

BUT I might be making another one, this time with moderators!

The job of mods will be to:

  • Help support and advertise the blog game
  • Answer questions that users ask
  • Come up with unique ideas that we can put in the game
  • Supervise users and enforce the rules

Remember blog games are NOT ones like Flash games. They’re made up of subpages and pictures.

Anyone who has an “account”, including mods, has the ability to submit designs for rooms and apparel.

This time, I am not sure if I want to use people. I don’t want to use penguins or stuff I make up… Honestly I want to try puffles and I’ll try my best to keep updating the site and keep it full of people. But the thing about using puffles for the game is that that’s what Snow949 used for her games, and I feel that maybe I shouldn’t copy that idea. And she’ll likely know because she goes online and all.

So what do you think?


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    • yislay
    • April 16th, 2010

    Haven’t commented in a while. Anyways, I still think you should do it. It’s not like Snow949 checks this site anymore (well i dont think so since she has all these new friends).The game might just help you get more viewers. And if you want I can start advertising for you on youtube, make posters to advertise on websites etc….will you every pick the editor?!

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