I am SICK and TIRED of him!!

Please read the previous few posts. You don’t have to read the religious one… The most important one is the one about a blog game. I also have noticed I am getting very few site visitors. 😦   Maybe it’s time to advertise again?

Okay. Let me put it this way and let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about: (WE ALL KNOW HIM!)
He is foreign born and LIES about where he was born and then people, especially important people, LET him get away with trying to diminish choices that WE should make!




What’s The Answer, you ask?


Barack Obama, our current USA president, IS AN ILLEGAL PRESIDENT.

That’s right: Illegal.

The constitution states that all presidents MUST be a natural born USA citizen. Sure, Obama’s a US citizen, but not NATURAL BORN. So he does not have the right to be president, yet he’s cheating the system. Washington certainly would NOT approve of this at all.

Not only that, it IS TRUE that African Americans only voted for him because he’s black. SERIOUSLY, if you disagree, you’re crazy and OBVIOUSLY did not watch the news enough nor pay attention.

Michelle Obama would make a better prez, honestly. More people approve of Michelle than they do of Barack. (Take THAT, Barack; your wife’s better than you’ll ever be!)

So I am PISSED. He BETTER resign or be impeached before I lose my brains. It is NOT fair for him to be breaking the constitution! And if you say he was born in Hawaii… NOPE. He moved to Hawaii at age TEN (10) from Kenya, Africa. He got a late birth certificate there; shouldn’t that be illegal? And now he’s president. Great. Now we’ve got a guy who thinks talking will do stuff and he is FORCING US TO PAY FOR POOR PEOPLE when we shouldn’t HAVE to; that should be our decision, not one illegal president’s.

Spread this post to every site you can; people HAVE TO LEARN THE TRUTH. Spread it. Speak it. Hear it.

For the best of us all and to save the constitution and to RESPECT THE FOUNDING FATHERS AND THE FACT THAT THE USA WAS EVEN CREATED… Obama must leave his position.

Thank you for reading this. You should  NOT disagree; if you do, you’re probably a part of Obama’s family. Even his sister and grandma said he was born in Africa, as in the OTHER CONTINENT. Don’t you agree with me? Everything posted here is 100% TRUE FACTS. And you can’t deny it because if you disagree, YOU have no proof. Citizens do. That’s why Obama refuses to show his birth certificate that he received when he was a newborn.

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  1. YAY!! you are so right! never voted for him anyways , and i’m happy that i didn’t. :3

  2. i just wanna say- Jews also voted for him. my whole school did. 15% of us were repubs., not me though.

    • ur so so true, he shou’dnt be pres. anyways, he took marjuana

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