Herbert’s Revenge video game!

Here’s word from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Work continues on our new Nintendo DS game, “Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge”. It’s getting close to being finished, and it should be good to launch sometime next month.

This week I’ve got a sneak peek from the game – one that you should find very interesting…


What do you think about this?

Also, I want to let you know that I’ll be posting new sneak peeks every Saturday until “Herbert’s Revenge” is released. I don’t want to give too much away yet, but BIG things are in the works for all secret agents.

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Wow, I wonder who’s making that statue? Who do you guys think it is?

But it’s for DS, so don’t expect anything to be SUPER new.

Also, can someone tell me if you were supposed to stop Herbert in the first CP video game? I think it may have happened, considering the title of this video game…



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  1. Lavaster: Well that’s what my teacher told me. I’m actually not sure WHO killed Jesus… and it wouldn’t make sense for the ROMANS to kill a Roman Catholic… so I dunno. But I am pretty sure it was Jewish people… I gotta read the Bible, lol. I don’t do anything about my religion (like going to church, reading the Bible, etc.) except do nightly prayers.
    So yeaaa….
    *awkward silence*

    • oh yeah- sorry to be posting here, i just wanted to tell you what i think (know, my hebrew teacher told me), and i don’t ONLY learn hebrew and the holy Torah, but its also a day school, just like your school . 🙂
      Lavaster: Hmm… my teacher’s Christian, lol. I think my whole school’s Christian, actually… it’s a small school of 300 with 3 grades. My old school had 1,600 students and 2 grades and was kinda wealthy. Both are public schools, btw. Anyways, my old school had Christians and some Jewish people. My new school only has Christian because it’s small and in a rural place unknown to most people. (Arggh…)

      • yeah, jews tend to live in big areas like Chicago (me, hah). thats a tiny school ya know! 😉

    • yeah, but not everything about christ is true. so yeah. i don’t think it says in the bible, and if were the Jews that killed him- i wouldn’t have been jewish, and there woul’dve been no such thing as judiasm. And I don’t think Jesus was a roman catholic, he was just christian- romans made up ‘roman catholic’ way after jesus died, remember they had greek gods before him.And also jesus’ mother was jewish- so she would NEVER EVER EVER aproove of killing him, EVER.
      Lavaster: Yeah, Christians don’t approve of killing, either. And they were Jewish and then they converted.
      We’re both on, btw! Lol I’m all replying to your comments like chat
      How do you know this stuff about Christianity, anyway? (Your Hebrew teacher???? Hmmm??? Lol)
      Argh I got neck pain. 😦
      And off-topic: My brother and mom built a swing in the backyard, and I’m highly addicted to it. Laptop vs Swing? Swing.

  2. oh swings rock! no i didn’t learn about christianity from my hebrew teacher, (work,work,work! hard work learning hebrew) i think i read it in a book somewhere,,, so yeah XD
    Lavaster: Lol I was messing around 😛

    • i have to run a mile 2morrow.i’m not that scared actually, and it is sorta like a chat, i gtg. its really late here- like 9:30 pm
      Lavaster: 8:10 PM here.
      The mile is hard for me. I can’t run it in time… I’m the fastest runner, but I have the worst capacity of energy. I lose energy in a snap and it takes about a minute or two before I regain enough to run again.

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