Short Story Contest!


I realized that I haven’t had a contest in a while, but this one is JUST FOR FUN! (Meaning no prize. Aww!) I’ll take votes on stories, too! Here are my guidelines of coolio:

-Must involve one main topic/character on Club Penguin (if about a character, MUST be someone like Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, or G. No “famous” penguins!)

CAN be about you having paparazzi (being a famous actress for plays) (in 1-person POV) chase you around during the Penguin Play Awards.

-Include good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. I am not your English teacher!

-If including puffles, keep it to a minimum. Make the story as realistic as possible, and don’t have randomness in it. (Eyeballs some fellow penguins…) In my personal opinion, I really think that’s getting old-school. I mean, that was SOOOO one minute ago. (JK!)

-No swearing, goriness, violence, or anything that can break site rules AND Club Penguin rules!

-Cannot be about hacking. It must be YOU in the penguin’s body, as if CP isn’t really an online world; as if CP is REAL and you’re a penguin in it!

-No noobs allowed in the story. Sorry, but who really cares? 😆

I can’t wait to see your stories!



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    • yislay
    • March 4th, 2010

    wait, a story or a video story??

    • A story; like, not a video story. A text-story. 🙂
      Postscript: Must be one part only, in one comment! Also cannot be more than 2,000 words.

    • Belldranit
    • March 6th, 2010

    There once was a penguin named Fred. Fred died. The end. 😆

    • LOL! That’s really short, but really makes me laugh.

  1. can i post a part of the story i’m writing? here it is, (it isn’t quite finished, and its only 814 words…)

    A Story in a Journal is an Adventure

    By, ora181527 (S.P)

    Chapter one . . . The Picture

    Alex was just sitting there on the porch,
    Doing nothing. Then she heard a shout : “ALEX!” It was Maggie. “What?” Alex asked… “Look what I found…..” Maggie squeled

    “Wow how old is this?”
    “Older than you I guess, around 233 years I bet you on that. ” Maggie said.
    “Well since were not old yet, were only 12 I guess it IS older than us, turn the paper around!” Alex Said.

    ” Hey! Thats the plan of my House!” Shouted Alex. “Woah I never knew there were stairs going down”.
    “Lets Go seee…….. ” Alex and Maggie went first to Alexs Bedroom, they got two backpacks put peanut butter jars, spoons and two jackets and flashlights. “C’mon! lets go ! ” Maggie told Alex, But Alex just Nodded. They found a small door in the Basement(for some reason hidden in the back of the closet in Alex’s room).Alex opened the door, A huge gush of wind flew into there face…. Maggie Started sneezng: “Sorry; Sniffle I have Allergies.” Alex didnt pay Attention. They went inside. Of course the Secret Hiding place wasnt that scary, But the sad thing was that There were ripped up clothing, probably from the 30’s and some old pictures ripped up. Alex started to whisper ” Wow, Whoever was here lived here before the war and before US and anyone else!” Maggie stated shivering, ” Whoever lived here probably was really poor or really rich, Look at the rags! And look at all that jewerly!!” Maggie tried to pick something up (of course it was probably an antique) but instead she tripped ” OWWW!!” Shouted Maggie with a shreik, “What?!??!!?!?!?!?? Are you Okay? ” Alex said as helping Maggie up, “Not Really what was that?” Maggie Asked. “I dont know Let’s See.” Alex found an old rope and a notebook, Alex opened the notebook and read,

    April 15 1935
    Here I am in the basement of riches. I thought it would help my brother and sisters and mum and dad.
    But It didnt. Too many mice. Stupid Banks. I never thought the banks could do that. Well they can.
    One day I’ll meet the president and tell him my worrys. Just like Sarah. It took her alot of years to make Thanksgiving a holiday well mine is different. I’ll help the United States.

    “Wow thats so sad whoever this paper belonged to I feel bad for, Who does it belong to?” Maggie asked. Alex opened it,

    Alexsandra A.K.A Alex

    “Oh my Gosh!!! Maggie thats my Greatgrandma! She wrote that!!! I guess that happend during the Great Depression.” Alex shreiked.

    “Lets read on….” go to one of the last pages! Maggie shouted

    August 5 1937
    Finnaly the depression is ending for the USA, and the people who lived here during the depression moved away, Finnaly I’ll go up to my room after 2 years! I’ve grown, so that isnt helping me, I thought I’de be doomed if it took me more years to stay in there! The madness is ending.

    “I feel so bad, I never thought it would be that way for my greatgrandma,” Alex said glumly.
    “Lets go on, We’ll never go farther if we stay here.” Alex countinued.
    So Alex puts the notebook in her backpack. Maggie was holding her flashlight suddenly it turned picth dark, Maggie gave out a blood curling shreik.She turned the flashlight on as fast as she could, so she would’nt be scared. Alex gave out a huge sigh, she was so scared the Maggie might’ve been captured but she was happy that Maggie was’nt captured. They kept on walking, and Maggie kept on sneezing and tripping at the same time. Alex questioned her, “Hey Maggs why are you always tripping?”. No reply. “MAGGIE ARE YOU THERE??!??!?!?” Alex shouted. ” Oh I’m So sorry! I was looking straight forward, I was frozen minded for a moment.” Maggie replied. “It’s Okay, I thought you were deaf for a moment.” Alex said with a giggle in her voice. “Haha very funny, number 1 I am NOT deaf and number 2….” suddenly Maggie froze. “Maggie are you okay?” Alex asked terrified. She looked ahead then whispered in a frightened voice, “Now you tell me.” A huge spider was about to jump up to Alex she was so scared she almost froze. Luckily, Alex grabbed Maggies hand and ran as fast as she could until that spider was out of sight. Alex thought to herself. Why would there be a spider? And why was it coming at US? And of course why did I run away from it?

    Chapter 2- The Man

    Both Maggie and Alex were panting.
    “Phew! Glad we out ran that spider!” Alex said in a tired way.
    “Alex, it was just a spider, and maybe it was a baby. But im more freaked out that you ran away from the spider than the spider itself!” end of 316 word, not finished, i’ve had writers block for a while 😀

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