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Ok, anyway the new Penguin Play is coming back this March 19! Wasn’t that so quick or what? Hey, I got it! I should have a CLUB PENGUIN FILM FESTIVAL! Wait, nah. I got CPNTM instead. (CLUB PENGUIN’S NEXT TOP MODEL.) I’ll have themes and all that good stuff, it’ll be the most EPIC competition to ever hit the face of Club Penguin’s fanbase! But anyways, yeah… what were some of your favorite plays from 2009? And what improvements could CP have made? I say they should make their plays COORDINATED and SERIOUS! That way we can like them more! Randomness and forgetting lines (trying to be funny) is NOT the way to go, huh? Hey, we should write our own mini-scripts for fake CP plays, and who knows? Maybe we could make the plays together, or you could and upload it to YouTube or something! If you do that with a script and you use only one CP room to make the whole thing and different costumes, I’ll feature it here on this site, like I’ll post it up! But you’ll have to allow embedding for the video, no exceptions.

Also, I dug up some information from Billybob:

In other news, Rockhopper’s been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon, so that means he’ll be on the island soon. And later this month you can keep your eye out for a big surprise – a brand new game! I can’t say much about it, just that you’ll need to be quick… and ready to come to the rescue…

Anyways, that’s all the CP news for today everyone! And let me tell you that I WILL renew my membership just to walk the red carpet for fun. And I think I’ll have fellow penguins act like paparazzi and have other penguins pretend to be little screaming fan girls, lol. (Just don’t call me BRITNEY or I will kill you! Just kidding! Don’t wanna land in rehab, anyway. LOL) And I’ll probably record that!
So yeah, wrapping up! SEE YA!

Waddle On!


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