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These quotes are actually fake and are just for humorous purposes; I am not insulting or mimicking anyone. Thank you for not being a retard (just kidding! lol) and reading this.

OK, no more empty space.

The bigger you are, the harder you fall. Let’s see on my list… Disney… Lindsay Lohan… my middle school… Twilight… oh, and I think it’s safe to etch in Barack Obama’s name. I just know I can expect people to go against him. They always do, nowadays.

-Billybob, making reality connections at his suite while traveling to the USA and staying at a Hilton Hotel

I think I just saw my neighbor’s cat get ran over by an ice cream truck.


Sometimes we just have to think about the cons and pros of stuff. For example, your mom. And yes, that was a con.

-Future 80-year-old Billybob, coming back from the future to post a speech at the Madison Square Garden (uhhh?)

When the world says you look bad, it might sound cliche, and normally moms would tell ya to ignore it. But take it from people with experience: Don’t ignore it, they really DO mean it, and it’s for your own reputation! Unless it’s something stupid and illegal, then THEY are the ones who look bad. Seriously; who the heck likes rebels and idiots? Uh, nobody unless you’re an idiot, too; let’s face it. That’s just the plain, clear truth, tried-and-true!

-Brotnuy Spears

What’s a sombrero?


Who the heck is Disney?


I walked up to Sensei and he appeared, told me to get lost, and poofed away. I think I’ll just worry about how a PENGUIN can poof away like that.

-Chewit Dude

I was, like, the only person who, like, stayed in the CP blogging biz cuz, like, all the others quit and yeah, cuz of “middle school.” What an excuse, trying to fit in. But, like, Imma be in show biz before ya’s all know it!!! And, like, yeah. Sooo yeah. Um.. okay.


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  1. Oh!Oh! I have one!!-
    “when life gives you lemons make grapejuice and sit back and make the world wonder how you did it. ”
    “I used Spot remover on my dog, no he’s gone.”
    -Some funny quotes website

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