CP Cave…

Go to the Mine! Thanks to Yislay for reminding me to post it.

Ok, ok…. I’m going to look for someone to become an editor here! They will *only* post about Club Penguin stuff. The reason why I am doing this is…

1) My membership expired

2)I’m not in Elementary anymore

3)I’m a lazy butt

4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

5)Really busy.

SOOOO yeah. Elementary was a LOT easier!!!


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  1. Lavaster? I’m not really an editor, but I’ll be a comic maker. If you would like to hire me to be an editor, I would really be sure to help you. And I will add you on my blogroll, as long as you add me on yours.

  2. you are so not a lazy butt!
    (well,maybe just a sleepy foot :D)
    Lavaster: I knOW!!! *yawns* Well… too lay-zee again. *yawns, foot goes numb.* I might update later… who knows? 😀

  3. I’m Xfadeaway, and I have been blogging ever since I was five. I swear to God this is true. But very unfortunately, it got hacked. My friend recovered it for me, but the blog wasn’t there anymore. It had been too late.

    So I would be happy to start a new blog 🙂

    • yislay
    • January 25th, 2010

    Sounds Cool. Ill join!

    • yislay
    • January 25th, 2010

    omg, your super close to getting 52,000 hits!

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