Bye membership!

My membership expires tomorrow…

BUT I got my scenes done for the 100th YouTube video!

I already got another actor/actress, so don’t sweat it!



P.S. The movie will be short and cheesy, especially since my membership expires I might have to have someone else take my spot if I make a part 2.

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    • Xfadeaway
    • January 22nd, 2010

    Hey! Eight year old Xfadeaway reporting in šŸ˜€

    Well yeah, long time no see. What the heck happened to your pages? Is it just me, or were there like thirty before, but now like only three?
    Lavaster: Site clean-ups. šŸ™‚

    • Xfadeaway
    • January 22nd, 2010

    WHAT!? That’s awful! I used to LOOVE messy sites!

    But whatever. Can I be a comic maker? Want a sample of my comics?
    Go to:

  1. Ooh.. You got a new site ‘wallpaper/theme’


    • yislay
    • January 24th, 2010

    you really don’t like posting much do ya?

  2. oh, and by the way- i have the most amazing buddies list, and youre on it!

    • yislay
    • January 24th, 2010

    cave expedition started and new you decide

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