Another reason for my party!

(And yes, I think I’m more likely to have it on the 20th.)

Well, I uploaded another video to YouTube (Sims 2 comedy) “Ice Cream n’ Hot Dogs”. You know those chubby Harley-Davidson old guys who drive motorcycles ALL THE TIME and have beards like Santa Claus? Well, that’s basically what the main character was based off! If you hate seeing cheesy stuff, it might not be for you. But I like how it came out; not THAT funny but the base is unique and cool.

BUT ANYWAYS…. (got off-topic) it was my NINETY-EIGHT VID!!! (98, if you haven’t passed second grade yet.) You know what that means; two more videos and it’s my 100th vid anniversary! I know what my 100th vid will basically be about, but any ideas for the 99th? I can’t really decide, and so I’m asking EXCLUSIVELY just YOU loyal friends of mine that visit this site! YEAH, YOU!!! I Don’t Bite! (Only my enemy does, lol. You don’t even have to be CLOSE to her all month and she still manages to bite you!) So yeaaaaah.

OMG I got that “Cool like that” commercial song thingy stuck in my head for that cold-water laundry detergent thing or whatevs. *sigh*



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    • yislay
    • December 15th, 2009

    so did yu finish the book? i suggest u just finish it now so u dont have to deal with it later…..
    Lavaster: Which one, the fame one? [I kinda lost interest in it, but no I don’t have THAT much time on my… erm… flipper-mutated hands..]

    • yislay
    • December 16th, 2009

    😦 im getting anxious

    • yislay
    • December 16th, 2009

    ok fine yu dont have to finish it (ur probably half way thru rite?)..just give it to me like you have it….
    Lavaster: Yeah, I’m just about half way through. Today and yesterday I aced through all of my End Of Course Exams for school, so I’m anxious to get my results, although I probably likely got A’s OR at least B’s or B+s… so I’ll have to wait until that comes along. 😉

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