Rockhoppa’s here!

Rockhopper is here to help support Coins for Change! What are you donating your coins for? I was gunna go for going Green, but then I found out that

Global Warming’s a LIE!

Seriously, a nature magazine said so! It turns out it’s just the Earth COOLING down, it does that like every 10 years or whatev.. if not 10 yr, then 1,000 years or whatever. It’s the Earth adjusting, no sweat!

So I go for the sick… because us humans pay a lot for poor people and look at the world! THERE’S MILLIONS OF POOR PEOPLE, still! Like nothing is affecting them, whatever we do! Im not being mean, I just think I’d rather spend my coins for some other reason.

I do wish poor people weren’t poor… I feel sorry for them, mostly they are poor because of their parents or ancestors making bad decisions.

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