Lavasters throwing a Celebration party!

To celebrate several things (including me FINALLY becoming a coolio ninja!! You prolly gave up on that long ago, huh?), I’m throwing a big blast-off party! Now, I haven’t set up the date and time yet, but I will NOT make it 5 PST because if you live in the UK, you’d be getting up to go on CP and party at 1 AM.   😐

So, here’s what I have!

We can dance, chat, chill out, play games, an’ eat nachos with salsa!!!

Sneak Peek!

When: To be Updated and Set up (but expect 2-3 weeks, but… maybe less… 🙂   )

Where: Ice Shelf (don’t get mistaken!) My igloo (Look on the map for “Lavaster”)

Why: To celebrate becoming a ninja, to celebrate my loyal fans, etc.!

What will there be:  We will have a small dance floor BUT that’s not the only thing! We’ve got a sweeeet jukebox, AWESOME PARTY MUSIC, a Television (still not the best part!), nachos with salsa, candy, a “Lazy River” (water attraction!!!), and a ROLLER COASTER! (fake, but you can pretend.. It looks like a PORTION of a roller coaster!), BOWLING!!! And dancing!
We will be playing Find Four, Sled Racing (beat me if ya can!), Card Jitsu, Card Jitsu:Fire (if you can, let me know), mancala, a race, and a SCAVENGER HUNT!!! I would do the maze race, but it likely won’t be here for THAT long. We’ll have a lotta fun! I allow you to record me secretly… haha, lol

This may turn out to be just a small gathering, but I’m going to try and inform the Penguin Forum people about this, too… but I’ll do that once a date is set up.   😉



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  1. I’ll try 2 come, im so busy, please dont make it a friday, because i have art class at 6:30-8:30pm every week.Ide really like to go:)

    • ♥ Munchy ♥
    • December 11th, 2009

    I’ll probably come. If it’s at 5 pst i’ll make it 4 shure. I have homework, but it’s normally easy, so, i might make it( Do you have a Youtube account named Lavaster? I’ve been 2 ur channel if it’s urs
    Lavaster: Yes, that’s my YouTube channel! 🙂
    I’m planning on either making it Dec. 20th (Sunday, in two weeks) OR in early Jan. 2010. (Wh-hoo! Party!) But I’ll have to make a poll to check what’s more convenient for everybody.

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