New Sensei toy and Other Cool Stuff!

Hello Penguins!

There’s lots happening all over the island – like Sensei’s scavenger hunt, and more on the way for ninjas (your guesses all week were really cool, by the way). There’s even ninja stuff happening OFF the island!! Check out this new Sensei penguin toy:
We’ve heard that some of you’ve had a hard time finding the toys, so we’re excited to let you know they’re available in more places now – like Target in the US – hopefully they’ll be easier to spot now! Be sure to let us know.

Card-Jitsu Trading Cards Series 2 are in stores now too, and the team’s always working on new stuff, so if you have ideas for trading cards, we’d love to know what you’d like to see!

Until then…Waddle on!

Hmm. His hat looks like a fortune cookie.   😛

Hey, in other news, I will be VERY busy in the next one-two weeks. I’ll still come update the site and do my usual “magic” (lol) and coolio stuff you all anticipate, but I’ll be spending TOO much time (mainly because there’s no power source or internet connection for my laptop) at parties & a family reunion at a private beach my relative owns down at San Felipe, Mexico. I’m a party animal, I LOVE parties, however I’m not a drunk 18-year old! JUST KIDDING! Well, I seriously am NOT, I’m a  very well-mannered/behaved YOUNGER person, but–BACK TO TOPIC!!! Some parties I have a choice to go to, some I don’t. (Like the reunion.) But why WOULD I want to miss them??? 😀

Hey, what’s something you look forward to every year? Me? My birthday, my dad’s birthday (I don’t want him to get old and die, Mr. Starkopoo!! Ok, that was weird), Christmas, any PARTIES where I live, and the annual family reunions. (I learned about The Sims 2 at one of the reunions years ago! Cool, eh? If you know what it is… from a friend I have.)

So What’s going on with you over there?


P.S. Check out my Twitter! (To make sure you found the RIGHT Twitter, comment me!)

-Club Penguin Team

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