Prepare for Rockhopper!

Yes, you heard right!

ROCKHOPPER IS COMING FOR THE ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL/FAIR! I remember the first time, we had no clue what those boxes he left behind enclosed… turns out, it was the stuff for the newest party! It was SA-WEET!!

So now Rockhopper’s coming back again. Hey, when was the last time he came?   :/

Gotta check my old posts…

Anyways, so this gives me an idea: Why don’t we have a ROCKHOPPER CAPTION CONTEST? Yeah! You say what Rockhopper’s thinking. Remember, it MUST apply to my comment rules… and hey! I got a clever trick, heh heh…

ALL of you must comment. That’s right; so if you’ve never commented before, now you gotta! You HAVE to comment. 😉

Cool? Okay then! And what are you really wishing will be at the fair? Did you like last year’s? What could’ve been improved and how? How are you (and your friends, maybe family) preparing for Captain Rockhopper’s arrival? I know I’ll be redecorating my igloo!  😉

And that reminds me: Jasmine, my purple puffle, ran away months ago. I am not sure if I posted that, too many early updates and the quickest posts here!  😉

Well, that’s it for now. Remember, the caption contest! It can be dramatic, funny, sad, realistic, or cheerful, as long as it isn’t more than 50 words, follows my comment rules, and maximum of two parts, if you wish to continue it. (Total of 100 words if you really would prefer to make two separate parts.) One caption per person. I can’t wait to read your sweet caption!


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  1. He should be thinking:


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