New furniture catalog

Title says it all!

Sorry, I haven’t been updating for REAL… I’ll try to, but once again The Sims 2 is distracting me.    🙂

Also, I hate the movies but the books are okay, and since I love to draw, I thought I’d give it a shot. Twilight anime style… (I usually NEVER do anime cuz I suck at it so bad, but yesterday… I SURPRISED myself!!) So once I’ve colored everything in, I might post it up here for you Twilight saga fans/freaks.   🙂

Also, on YouTube I drew four popular celebrities. It’s a guessing game, and so to see my video, check out my channel! (I’m also Lavaster there.) Subscribe, will ya?    😉

More info on the YouTube vid: No cheating! It’s one of my most recent vids. Also, if you want to be in a video/movie with me, check out the featured video on my channel! Awesome, and in the description it has a link to a vid that allows you to have your Hypercam registered… for FREE!!! COOL!!!


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