Getting Back on Track!

Hey, everybody! Where you all been? School? I know I have!    😉
Here’s a sneak peek of a FUTURE PARTY…

Hello Penguins,

There’s a brand new party coming in a couple of weeks!! And I managed to find an image that I thought you might like to see:

sneakpeekimage1.jpgIt’s like nothing you’ve ever seen in Club Penguin. And I mean it…Nothing. More details will be coming, but I wanted you guys to see this first. Let me know what you think!!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on August 04 2009 09:07

So cool, huh? Seems interesting… what could it be?

Also, check out my YouTube channel… soon I will be posting up a surprise “contest”, but you lucky guys get to hear about it HERE first!

In other news…. I haven’t logged into CP yet, heh heh!


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