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Edit: Pin at boiler room. Hey, I checked and I got this as the same time as another blogger… we’re really alike!!  😯

Hey! Check it out! I just found out that one new color will be coming out, and we get to choose it! Personally I can’t make up my mind, but I think light purple would look better with clothes but be more appealing to girls. The dark purple seems cool, too. I might vote for that last minute. And the teal/turquoise one? Well, it’s cool, but does it REALLY look good with any clothes?

Hello Penguins!

It’s almost here! The Music Jam kicks off tomorrow and there were lots of cool answers to last week’s question about how you guys are getting ready for it. Here’s one we liked from Otter’s Rule:

Me and my friends are all getting ready for the Music Jam Party already. We’ve got all of our instruments gathered up and have already started practicing! We have these rockin’ cool outfits too. I think this Music Jam will be the biggest party on Club Penguin yet! We’ve also planned to meet the Penguin Band backstage. We can hardly wait for this rockin’ cool party! Waddle On!

Thanks – Sounds like you’re ready for the party!

The team’s getting pretty excited around here because next Friday, July 24, you’ll be able to go to a voting booth in the Forest and choose a BRAND NEW penguin color!! Here they are:

penguincolors.jpgSo – this week, we want to know which color you’re thinking you might vote for… Do you like the Lavender, Maroon, or Aqua? And why?

Thanks for keep your responses between 50 – 75 words!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Plus, our light blue color looks almost exactly like the teal one. Odd…

Hey! I know! Let’s imagine how’d they’d look like with clothes and wigs!






band I found an awesome band to play with!    😉    The music was pretty awesome, with our teamwork!



“You hear it HERE FIRST!”

P.S. Picture for you:


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    • guimer
    • July 17th, 2009

    hey lavaster! can I work on ur site?
    anyway, do u know mimo777?
    he’s a big jerk!!! he’s famous because his father is RSNAIL!
    Lavaster: I agree with you, but actually, his father ISN’T Rsnail. Besides, who can prove Rsnail has kids? Anyways, it’s just that Mimo uses his audience too much to get more famous. He is USING us. I even received a comment about the “truth” behind him or something?? Dunno where it is, I think the Sensei post or something. Oh, and Mimo sure has a lot of siblings… 😯 lol
    Unfortunately I’m too protective of my site to let others work on it 😛 The only other person who can work on my site is my brother “Pinguin99999”, who says he didn’t know how to spell PENGUIN right but he changed his mind and said it was the only name he could think of.
    So how’d you hear about me? (Just wondering, in case you commented here a long time ago and I don’t remember.)

    • yislay
    • July 20th, 2009

    I just noticed that you deleted your penguins say
    Lavaster: Yep! Cleaning up! 😉
    Are we both on?

      • yislay
      • July 20th, 2009

      yeah i think so!

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