Where the new room may be!

There is a very high chance it may be here:
Very cool, huh? 🙂
You hear it here FIRST!
Also, I’ve discovered a new CHEAT/GLITCH on Club Penguin!!! You can clone your penguin PLAYER CARD when logging in!
1. Log off the penguin you will be “cloning” in the log-in screen, if you’re on.
2. Go to “Sign in as another penguin” and type in the username, except with an apostrophe ‘ after the FIRST LETTER.
3. Save to your computer.
4. Log off.
5. Check where your penguins are, and tah-dah! You did it! Isn’t that cool??? When you log in with your clone, it won’t have the apostrophe in the name, though… maybe there can be TWO of you logged in at the same time! We should test that out! To go back to normal, go to log in as the clone and in the two boxes (save username to computer/password) uncheck the “SAVE TO COMPUTER”. Don’t check the password box; that’ll check both of them up again! Then, log in and log off. Gone! What do you think?


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  1. I’m sending this note to every Club Penguin blog owner I can and know;
    Have you ever wanted your site to get more hits, to show others how much you
    go on CP? Or have you simply wanted to get famous on Club Penguin? Well,
    with a “clever” penguin named Mimo777, we can’t do that. Why? Because he’s
    doing his best to eliminate the rest of us, although he’s already at the top. His
    trick? He’s really trying to get more famous; have you paid enough attention yet?
    I’ve put two and two together and my best guess is that he gets a LOT of the
    profit from the eBook that he paid a professional to write. If you can see through
    his trick, that’s really good!
    So, if you believe in the truth, you will stop advertising his site (with banners,
    telling other people, links to his site, TALKING about his site, Carl’s site, his
    secret site, etc.) and hopefully he’ll discover that his scheme isn’t working; I’m not
    here to scare you and I’m not bossing you around. I’m warning you about his
    trick. He allows absolutely NO opportunity of advertising your site, and his
    Ultimate Links page? Who the HECK would go look at those links without
    TRYING to advertise their own? So unless you got one HECK of a huge blogroll,
    you should delete any ads on your site and rate his site low on review sites. He’s
    planted his site link on every blog-review site there is, many of which not being
    looked at. But it still shows who he really is, and his MAIN GOAL. He’s trying to
    get famous in real life, too, with his weird-sounding music tracks. (Seriously, who
    in the WORLD would put those beats together? The singing in “Finding Mimo”
    seriously ANNOYS me; I’d rather listen to music, which I love!) I know you might
    find this as a spam comment, and I don’t care; as long as a lot of people know
    who Mimo really is, we’re all good.
    If you’re going to try to contact him, I don’t really care. I mean, this is NOT
    insulting him; it’s the truth. I’m NOT lying and there really is no reason to mark
    this as spam or try to ban my account on Club Penguin or ban my site.
    Thank you for reading this, if you even did. It’s very important and please pass it
    on to all the people you know that play Club Penguin and go to blogs about
    Club Penguin; remember, Mimo said on his Blogspot blog, “Let’s try to get
    9,000 comments on this one post! Then the contest will end!” Wow. Just… wow.

  2. Ooh, I can see the trail!

      • yislay
      • June 26th, 2009

      Wow! I never knew Mimo777 was so bad!

        • Meta
        • July 18th, 2009

        he isnt!
        Lavaster: No, it’s cuz a comment flooded me and people keep saying that, so I got convinced.

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