Room Coming!

I’ve always wondered why there was an extra TV monitor in the HQ…. now I know! And I’m sharing the news with you!
You know that extra monitor in the HQ for secret agents, if you’re one? Well, Club Penguin has announced a *NEW* room coming soon!!! How cool; let’s try to be the first ones in the room! But I bet it’ll be full. 😛
A few more announcements, too…

Can you guess what these three pictures mean?
And YES, the Music Jam IS coming back, like I said earlier!! And the Penguin Band will be performing there!!! But that’s just ONE of the parties…
“Ruby and the Ruby”, the popular play, is coming back with, of course, costumes and items!
New clothing, wigs, and furniture will be coming out soon…
There will be cool new tweaks & changes to the DJ3K… (unfortunately CP is getting more greedy for money for memberships, they’re practically FORCING non-members to get memberships)
Like I said, NEW places…
Special Appearances… how cool is that?! And there’ll be a chance to hang out with SENSEI!! And I’m guessing maybe the Penguin Band, G, and Aunt Arctic, but that’s really likely!! Cool, huh? Can’t miss it!

Which event are you looking forward to the most? I’ll say the special appearances and the second annual Music Jam, and if I was a member again, I’d look forward to some new changes for the DJ3K, so keep your eye out! Catch a Club Penguin update? Comment below and I’ll credit you in a post with your comment/penguin name, if I didn’t know about the update before!

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