Offline 101 Days of Fun!

Click here to check out the cool list, including recipes and outdoor activities! Awesome!!!

I think I like the idea of puffle cookies. What about you? I haven’t had enough time to read it all, but it’s awesome so far, in my opinion!


P.S. If you link back to this very site on YOUR site, I will add you to my blogroll! Just comment letting me know! I WILL know, because I don’t need to see your site or comments!

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    • yislay
    • June 8th, 2009

    did yu get that from my website? if you did. i dont mind..if yu didnt ,cool!

    • ;P its also on some famous-for-absolutely-NOTHING-at-all penguin’s site. i check it, and it turns out: I offer waaay more stuff than he does!

    • yislay
    • June 9th, 2009

    wow…..can’t beleive that..=I

    • hawk
    • June 9th, 2009

    Lavaster Can I get my secret shop points from the term for 1 month

    • yislay
    • June 9th, 2009

    Lavaster, can you meet me on club penguin on server white out in the town at 9:00 AM PST? I want to add yu as a buddy on my list….

      • yislay
      • June 9th, 2009

      oki dont care what time! just meet at server white out in the town on june 9 2009!

      • i cant especially in the morning
        not today, one of the most important days in my life is here!!! PROMOTION!!!

    • yislay
    • June 10th, 2009

    umm ok…..when can you meet me then?

    • well im having a contest so that people can meet me on CP, you could try that. Just go to my search bar and type, “Meet Me!”

      • arg dont type it in, just go through my previous posts…

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