Coming Soon: New Toys R Us Club Penguin Figures coming soon!

Action figures, except not really “action”… kinda cheap… You hear it here first, then the news will get out some more!

JUST BOUT AN HOUR AGO the news was released and leaked. 


There’s a G one, too! Go to GOOGLE IMAGES and search “Club Penguin figures”. Cool, huh? But still cheap, like McDonald’s toys.

What do you think?



where I live a  MANSION was on fire just last night! OMG IT WAS JUST ON THE NEWS, EXACTLY WHERE I LIVE!!!!          :O


“Hear it here FIRST!”

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    • bob
    • June 23rd, 2009

    yo yo yo put the cooki3es in the dough
    Lavaster: lol 😆

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