Fourth Contest Clue! Also, an Adventure Party Sneak Peek!

Update: I forgot to check out what Billybob had to give us recently! Here’s the cheat sneak peek I picked up:

Picture 3.jpg

So check out what’s going on Club Penguin right now! 

This is just a clue I have that should help you find where you need to go… but in order to see this clue, you gotta go to this site. It will open in a new window, so don’t worry about having to come back here and losing your spot where you left off!

In other news, I will be creating a “COMICS” page. They are copyright and I got the idea from a long time ago, only to be inspired even MORE by other current site owners!

Also, here’s a poll I’d like you all to see. Don’t stress, there’s no pressure because you can’t see anyone else’s answers! So just go with what you REALLY want. 

NOTE: You can select only up to TWO answers in total in the poll, otherwise your entire vote will not be counted.


Also, please check out my Advertise page if you have a site! It’s very simple and easy, and I’ve updated it! The only thing is, only one person advertised A site, not their site! So please advertise any site as long as it is about Club Penguin! Thank You! And if I get too many ads about one specific site, I will delete all the ads and post the site on the page text, rating it either “Bunny Hill”, “Tip of the Ice Berg”, or “The Highest Mountain in CP”.

Have you seen the plants growing around Club Penguin lately? Check it out! They’re growing too fast and in bazare places! Log on now, just click on one of my Club Penguin banners to the left!
Until Then…



P.S. Have you seen the latest issue of Penguins’ Say lately? We have a new advice column and a tricky riddle!

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