New Catalog and New Safari Hat Pin!

THIRD CLUE: The action you use to figure out this clue usually makes you smarter in other cases.
The pin is in the Book Room on the left top corner couch. It is a SAFARI hat, as usual to match the current party.
Ok, for the new catalog I bring you CHEATS!
-On the third page of the catalog, there is a rock at the bottom left corner of the left page. It is big. Click on it for a canteen! (A water-holding container)
-On page 5, click on the last window on the right page. (The very right, behind the princess in orange.) This gives you the Woodsmans Hat! (A Peter Pan-like hat.)
-Also on page 5, look at the first and second windows. At the very top between both of them, click on the bricks. The crystal staff for 250 coins! If only I was a member… I REALLY need that stick!
-On the 6th page, click on the dragon shadow by the stairs. This cheat was EXACTLY the same in the last catalog!
-OMG Im graduating, but i need a BLACK graduation hat! I can find one by heading over to page 7 and click on the LEFT coffee cup on the table. What do you think is the paper underneath the two tea cups? Anyways, the hat costs only 100 coins for members. Great deal, dont u think?
-Turn to page 10 and look for the two sky lights that are colliding. See the lighter square that they both made? Click on that for a RED VIKING HELMET!!! It’s the square right next to the brown-haired girl’s eyes and wig.
-Click and close the red viking helmet box 4 times to unlock the secret legendary BLUE viking helmet! I wonder when the ultra-rare Golden viking helmet will come back?

Although this isn’t a cheat, the new blue wig majority of you guys voted for is here!! Also, a few other never-before-seen-on-CP items. Check it out!
Also, in a few minutes the next issue of “Penguins’ Say” will be released, with two editors this time! Wanna be an editor? You can! You can send reviews or be an official editor of the newspaper! Check it out!
Have you found my secret site yet?

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