New Catalog Update and Plants!

Update: You know the clues Dior gave you the other day? Well, none of you have found it out yet! If you are TRYING with some effort and have no clue
still where it is, then please comment below! Also, many of you aren’t taking advantage of my advertising page. If you got a site or know another site you’d like to advertise or spread the word about, comment there! If you want more hits and viewers…. Comment there!!! Yes, people with no blogs actually GO LOOK AT THE SITES AND COMMENTS THERE, not just people looking for a place to advertise!

Here’s a picture I got from Billybob; it is a sneak peek of the next catalog and it has the new blue wig many of you have voted for.
Looks like it’ll be the catalog of crazyiness! 🙂
The plants Rockhopper left us are growing awfully quickly! Is it stopping you from being a pro during snowball fights? What do you think of the plants? Are you doing anything with them or are they a part in one of your Club Penguin videos or movies? Do you think it’s really cool or unnecessary? Should I quit asking questions?
“Waddle Along!”

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    • yislay
    • June 5th, 2009

    I know this is out of topic, but I have a question….How do you make thos party poster like the purple one and 2 pic of your penguin on it? cause i wanted to make one cuz of my website cuz im having a party for my hits in a couple of days…thnx if you answer….

    • what do u mean? the animation i used to have was blue, if u meant that…

        • yislay
        • June 8th, 2009

        oh well i dont remember..but what do you use to make your party posters
        Lavaster: oh, u mean my “invitations” I use a free program that’s better than Photoshop:! go to in order to download it! It’s rated #1 in PC World Magazine… ‘long time ago someone who was famous, (but quit) (their name was Emtek77) told me about it because I asked. It’s the best but takes time to explore and know EXACTLY where to go and what some words mean.

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