101 Days of Fun!

Everyday after this Thursday, June 4, the Penguin Times will have a weekly check-off list for everyday fun around the island and, of course, this will happen for 101 days! I think that’s totally awesome! What do you think of it? But I think the logo is a bit more like baby blocks…


It will end in the middle of September, so that’s a better picture of how much time we all have!
Basically Club Penguin will have something new and fun everyday and every Thursday until it ends, we will be able to tick off items on a check list in the newspaper. The list will have check boxes for every daily fun event. This is really cool; can you beat your friends at that?
I think really Club Penguin is trying to have more users on every single day. I’m guessing Disney has played a part in this idea, but it still IS a kind of awesome idea, don’t you think?
You’ll have to explore CP in interesting ways in order to find the fun! I can’t wait! What are you looking forward to?
*Another fast fact has been added to the “Fun Facts” subpage, which you can find at my “About Lavaster” page! Check it out!*
Until Then…
“Waddle Along!”

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