“Robo Army” Game Series!

Hey Everybody!

Today I wanted to inform you guys about a series of games I LOVE making and even more, TOTALLY LOVVVEEEEE playing them! Pinguin99999 thinks they’re really fun, so you guys should try it out! I’ve got “Robo Army 1” on my widget, just look to the left and click on the picture or the link!

I’m going to make more, I just need to know if you guys want another jewel hunt sequel, a boss sequel, or just another regular, normal sequel.  Or maybe you guys want me to make a space ship game or maybe even a new type of game: A Robot game where you walk around and slash stuff and some other cool stuff!   😀    Although I haven’t tried making the robot slasher ones, I think I will but only if requested! So what do you think? What should I improve? Thanks, I really think mine are the best on Sploder because I’m a SERIOUS game maker!    ;D


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