Penguins Getting Paid and CP is working on the Medival Party! Catalog Secrets, too!

Hey everyone! Lavaster here! I got some cool updates from CP, and I even dug around long enough to find the gift shop’s catalog’s secrets! Here they are!

First I’m going to tell you guys about the “being paid” stuff. Today penguins were being paid for the first time ever! As Aunt Arctic said, we get 250 coins, but guess what? You also get paid for being a TOUR GUIDE! So be sure to sign up for that, everybody!

Did you buy anything with YOUR coins? What was it? Do you like it? Just comment below and I’ll be sure to read your comment! I would buy something if I was a member again, heheh!



Now, if you’ve been on Club Penguin lately you should see that Club Penguin is working on the Medival Party! To make the party more fun I suggest that every member buys at least one Medival-themed item from the catalog. Sorry I didn’t check the new furniture and all, but then again not ALL of us are members! So I’m just going to say that next time I won’t forget, and besides; I can simply tell all the members out there that there’s a new furniture catalog and possibly an igloo one, too!



Here are some of the catalog pages, along with their secrets in red:




And for those of you who aren’t sure whether the princess costume would look nice on your penguin or not:


Until Then…

“Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil”

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