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Update: I might make a new “Penguins’ Say” newspaper, which I will post for free every week! They come out on Fridays. For more info, visit the “Penguins’ Say” page.

Remember my contest poll? If you haven’t, check out the “Free Membership Contest?” post; just scroll down until you find it and check it out!
Okay, I just wanted to share this with you guys, but here’s a serious reminder: If you want to have the chance to get a prize for free, we’ll need more active viewers to come check out this site! That way it’s not that just ONE person would be in the contest.
So, here are some ideas I have thought of that could help make the contest a reality:

  • Change/Add a link to this site on your WordPress comments (URL link when you are going to make a comment, but if you’re logged on a user on WordPress, log off so you can change it!)
  • Posting up advertisements on your site and others’ sites, with permission from the site owner first! DON’T impersonate me, please, and follow all other WordPress blog owners’ rules!
  • When you are making a comment, after you put your comment name at the end or once you finish your comment, add this: “Friend’s site: https://lavaster.wordpress.com/” or “Check out cool CP cheats at this penguin’s site: https://lavaster.wordpress.com”.
  • Tell your buddies, friends, and random penguins about my site and give ’em a link! If you’re on a chatroom, tell them about the site and ONLY give the link if they seem interested. Mention that there’s going to be a contest for something big and awesome if you manage to get enough viewers on the site, and tell them that they can join in the contest for free, too!


Remember, you MUST be an active viewer in order to be included in the contest!!! But the contest will only happen if more people come here and are active!

Here’s the stats so far, like I promised you guys:


2,000 CP coins for free: 1 Vote

Free CP Plush Toy with unused code: 1 Vote

Hey, when did I get ten voters? lol

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW, EVERYONE, so I can check and see if the contest will come! If there really are ten new viewers, please come on actively and at least every other day so that I can open up the contest! For now it’s trapped in a safe and I will only let it free if there really ARE ten or more people… but let’s try to get ten more active viewers and see what happens: Maybe something even COOLER will happen! The more active viewers come on, the BIGGER the prizes will get! Who knows? Maybe if I get a BUNCH of viewers, someone might win a 1-year membership!!!

Waddle On!



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  • Comments (7)
    • miss
    • May 4th, 2009

    hi. i voted and im joining this contest.

    • megaman
    • May 4th, 2009

    i joined. hope i win…

    • puffleghost
    • May 4th, 2009

    i voted, made a vid about contest…invite more friends and joined it.
    Lavaster: Cool! Best of luck to you and your friends!

    • turtle girl
    • May 4th, 2009

    i joined and hope i win…
    Lavaster: Just remember it’s going to be a random drawing contest!

    • 123fun
    • May 4th, 2009

    i voted and joined.

    • Thanks! Remember it’s going to be a random drawing; I will select one name out of a basket.

  1. i have voted and im joined

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