New Sledding Toboggan!

Hey Penguins!
Now there’s going to be something coming soon that seems pretty cool to me. Club Penguin is going to come out with a **NEW** sledding toboggan on April 24! Once it’s available, you can check it out and buy it at the top of the Ski Mountain.
In other news, there’s gonna be some new music tracks to dance to in the night club! DJ Cadence says that only members can dance to the beat, which I think isn’t very cool, but at least for the members they’ll have some cool beats stuck in their heads! The music comes out the same day that the new toboggans come out, so I’m thinking April 24 is the unofficial Member Penguin Day. 🙂
That’s all I have for now, penguins! Oh, and be sure to check out the contests poll and vote on that if you haven’t yet. Do with that what you will!
Until then,

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