CP Secret Agents get coins now!

Are you a secret agent or soon will? Well, once it is posted in the Penguin Times, all secret agents will get paid extra coins for their hard work every month! With this subject up, what is your favorite thing about being a secret agent? Are you a secret agent? Do you know if any of your friends are secret agents?
If you don’t know what secret agents are, I’d be more than happy to explain them to you!
Secret Agents are penguins on Club Penguin that help make CP a safer place. They can also teleport to different rooms in Club Penguin, they get cool prizes that are good for pictures and movies (to edit them and all), and they get to talk with G during missions! Secret agents report anyone breaking CP rules, they also will get coins every month (paycheck) starting very soon, and they’re cool! Don’t go around asking penguins if they’re a secret agent, because it’s very likely they’ll just ignore you and waddle away. Secret agents are secret because they keep their IDENTITY and job a secret, get it? Right! So, you might be asking the following questions:
How do I become an agent?
Log onto CP and look to the upper-right corner of your screen. See that badge with that “M” in it? Click on it and, if your penguin’s old enough, take the quiz! If you get most questions right, you’ll become a secret agent, congrats! Just log off and log back on.
A TRUE agent is one that does not cheat on the quiz by getting the answers from anyone or anything. Also, true agents are trustworthy, honest, responsible, and know CP from an edge of a mountain to the very tip of the ice berg. So why don’t you be a true agent and be proud of the true prizes you’ll reap from completing missions?
My friend told me to meet them at the HQ, what do they mean?
Your friend is probably a secret agent. When they leave for the HQ, go to your buddy list and click on their username. If they’re still logged on, click on the “FIND BUDDY” button. If it says they’re hiding out, they’re a secret agent in the HQ waiting for you! Just wait for them or send them a card to meet you if you’re not an agent and then explain that you’re not an agent and why. If you don’t tell them why, they may not believe you and ignore you!
As a secret agent, I do a lot of hard work! But I’m stuck on a mission: Help me!
Don’t worry, only at these times must you have help from someone else! If your parents allow it, go on YouTube and search “Club Penguin how to beat mission (list the mission number NOT NAME here)” and you should have plenty of helpful search results unless the mission was released just two minutes ago! If you figure it out, you can post a video, too! If you can’t go on sites like YouTube, try going on Google and searching for CP mission guides. Hopefully you’ll find one, but come back here actively, too, or we’ll miss you!

Hopefully this guide answered your questions! Just comment below if you still have a different/distinct question. Also, please check out the “Free Club Penguin Membership” post right below this one if you haven’t yet: it’s about something really cool that needs a goal to be achieved first!

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    • May 6th, 2009


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    • July 12th, 2009

    please can i join
    Lavaster: Anyone can become a secret agent on Club Penguin. At the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a shiny, yellow badge with the letter “M” on it. Click on it and a pop-up will come up, asking if you want to become a secret agent. Accept. Now you can play really cool missions! When the newest mission comes out, I’ll be posting a guide on that. Good Luck! Remember, if this didn’t answer the right question, please ask me again. Just be more specific! 😉

    • yoshie 264
    • July 12th, 2009

    it looks pretty cool

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