Got any ideas for cool pages I could make? Well, I’m getting some myself, and the next one I am going to make is a Q & A where you can ask me questions about myself! Nothing personal, just ask stuff about me, my penguin, and this site. I hope I like the same stuff you do!

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am SERIOUS about advertising on my site. If you do, I remove your comment. Got it? NO BLOGROLL ADDS 4 BLOGROLL ADDS!!

I also know somebody who’s currently writing a really cool book about a secret agent kid who has to capture criminals and all, and sometimes goes all over the world to do that! So once that book comes out, I’m going to have a page advertising it, a widget, etc. anything to help the sales of her book!

The fourth thing I want to let everybody know is that I will be having a sweet contest! Create a Club Penguin movie/music video and post it on YouTube. If youtube blocks your audio, please post it on a piczo or something.

Guys, which type of blog do you prefer (dont worry, im staying on wordpress!):



I just wanna know!
Also, does anyone know how Chewit and Paintboy became so “successful”? Yes, I’m at it again! Thanks!


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