1 DAY LEFT!!!!

OMG Im gonna release PixPeng City in just ONE day, and it’s the EVENING!!! Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., I will reveal the website. I haven’t worked much on outfits, but you can suggest some and I’ll work on it! Cuz right now, my mind’s blank. Please, no logos, you may request textures for it (or design), but that doesn’t mean I will make it with the textures!

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  1. The puffle party’s today don’t miss it unless you don’t have time

    • Yay Puffles
    • February 20th, 2009

    fuck man
    i’ve been looking everywhere for someone i used to know that hasnt quit
    yes, i’m the real Yay Puffles
    gave my penguin to Bergeron (Wolves) like a year ago, but i’m still around
    got bored, so decided to hunt down some people i used to be friends with on CP
    e-mail me
    i usually use adam-smith one
    tell anyone else (if there IS anyone else) who still plays CP or used to know me that i’m still around
    oh, and sorry about swearing up there

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