6 Days Left!!!

Even I myself can’t believe that PixPeng City is going to be released in 6 days!!! Eeeeee!!!!   😎    I think I’m pretty done with it… anyways, I’m not happy with the number of outfits available to buy and all, (same with furniture and hairstyles) but it wasn’t as easy as Planet Earth was to make! (As you can see above, Planet Earth is available to play… although I no longer update it.) 

Here are two of the cool features you’ll be able to check out when PPC arrives… (Sneak-Peeks!!!)

-Own your own business

-Play mini-games to get PM (Pixel Money)

Unfortunately, there will be NO PETS and the only lottery will be a RANDOM ONE FOR FREE, EVERYONE IS INCLUDED.

Remember, if you’re new to these types of games, they’re not really virtual. You click on the pages and all, and when you buy something, you have to find something else to do until a moderator comes hours later to give you that item. Try checking out Planet Earth for now; you’ll see what I mean!

With only six days left, I’m getting pretty excited with this stuff!


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  1. If I can make a game I would call it on there Sonic the penghog! its hedgehog and penguin combined penghog

    • Xfadeaway
    • February 16th, 2009

    My full name is Sophia Morar

    Some people call me Colleen Kelly

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