I may continue working on PixPeng City…

For those of you who are excited and waiting patiently for PixPeng City but were disappointed to find out I’m not doing anything nowadays, you can stop worrying and complaining and start feeling excited again! I WILL make a countdown widget (no need to download!) to when PixPeng City will be released, but for now, I am going to start working on it once again. I am not asking for beta testers, since beta testers won’t do anything, (like always!)*looking back at last time*, but I will beta test it myself with Pinguin99999, but I am not sure if Pinguin will be cooperating in the whole Beta Testing thing. Anyways, I’d like nobody to play PixPeng City before I’ve released all the full pages, and so to make sure nobody does so, I will make another site for it! I will not name it something like pixpengcity.wordpress.com or anything, because you guys will all figure it out in a snap and try to play it when I told you NOT to. Therefore I shall release the site name when PixPeng City is finished. But if you go looking for it on Google, I doubt you’ll have much luck!   😉    If you DO manage to (somehow), then I will NOT let you play it and I will forbid you to spoil it for everyone. In the meantime, I’ll be working on some outfits and furniture, like I said.

Oh, and if any of you have pictures online of some pixel furniture you made, that’s great! If you give me the link, I’ll check it out, and if it really fits PixPeng City, it might even be available for purchase in PixPeng City! Of course, I will need your permission to do that… and don’t you go commenting below, When I make it, I’ll give you the link and you have my full permission! because to me, that doesn’t count like permission… especially when I haven’t even seen your FULL, COMPLETED work yet! You can also give me links to photos of outfits you’d like to see in PixPeng City, and I may make a Pixel version of that outfit just for the PixPenguins! (I refuse to call them Pixel Penguins because they are NOT pixel penguins, which are ugly penguins from a program that anyone can download, people don’t actually MAKE the penguins for you, they make the PROGRAM do it for them!)
So while we’re all waiting for that to come around, I’ll be on my other computer working very hard until the end of the day.

Have a Great Night, Everyone!


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    • V4nilla
    • March 26th, 2009

    cool i can’t wait

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