I hope you had a Happy New Year!!!+New LSA Mission coming up!!

It’s still New Year as I’m typing this, but whatever!! Anyways, I’m baaaack! (As you can see…) There’s a new LSA Mission coming up, but I’m sure you’ll want to wait to see what it’s about.   😉   This time, I’ll try to not make it as hard as last time, and not as easy as the first ever mission. Just in case you’re reading this before the mission’s out, (most likely!) if you want, you can tell me your ideas!!    😉     This mission will involve something special… you’ll be in a team of two other agents! Rappydu and Maximillions are two ideas I have for names, but I haven’t named your teammates yet!

If you haven’t joined LSA yet, you can join right now with no wait or worries! You can do mission 2, but you’ll need to solve mission 1 first before you can solve that one.   😉    If you see a GATHERING FILES… PLEASE CHECK BACK ANOTHER TIME sign when you try to play Mission 3, that’s because the mission hasn’t been completed yet! But it’s very likely I’m logged in at that time and working on it! I rather would not have you try to talk to me or spam my site with comments desperately trying to chat with me, because that’ll interrupt me AND my work on the mission! If you want to play the mission sooner, it’s best if you’d not try talking to me. Besides, I’ll ignore you until the mission’s done! 

With that said…

WADDLE ON!!! (I still play Club Penguin! Right now, I’m working on making my igloo an AIRPLANE!!!) 

–Lavaster, the Airplane Pilot–

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