Lava TV Season 2 is Out!!!+ New Lava Motion forum!!

UPDATE: Announcing the all-new Lava Motion forum! Register for FREE today!!! Share your own games there, too! It’s currently under construction, but you can still post your own threads to help me build it!  Link: 

Hope to see you there!!

Since a couple of you watch Lava TV (but there’s a bunch more that watch it on YouTube!! A BUNCH more!!), I’m glad to announce that the all-new Season TWO is finally out!! 

For the first episode of Season 2, an amateur agent has to find out who kidnapped a penguin girl and where the girl is being kept. I don’t know how the Unregistered Hypercam sign got put up on the screen… maybe it’s because I registered it on the OTHER computer…

Anyways, I hope you get the chance to watch it! 

Here, to make it faster and easier to watch it, here’s the video. But if you don’t have the High Quality option (if available) just click on the video and it’ll take you to YouTube.

I had to throw in a disclaimer for the music used, so here it is!


P.S. Did I ever mention that Coins for Change is back on Club Penguin? They put it in Rockhopper’s quarters, the plaza (as usual) and the… beach, I think? I can’t remember. But last year, Coins for Change is how my penguin got poor! And stayed poor. Then SUPER rich. Then poor. I only have 4 hundred and something right now, heh, heh!

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  1. cool episode oh meet me later tomarrow for episode two when im a ninja you (the agent) is trying to find a way to arrest me thats funny isnt it

  2. depends… what time, cuz its my last week of school til winter break..

  3. mine too! id say near 6:00 pst

  4. Okay, I’ll have to literally write that on my hand! If I miss it, I either was grounded, forgot, or was taken to the movies. (or maybe $hopping!!)

    • hawk
    • December 15th, 2008

    uh lavaster is planet earth WHY THE HECK AM I IN DEBT
    You’re not in debt anymore. A glitch is happening, I added your house and nothing happened. I changed the bank stuff, but I’m not sure if anything happened.

  5. yeah i might not make it either i might be back on at the hq at frozen

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