Mission Sneak-Peek!

I guess I’m late on this (surprisingly) but here’s another new Mission Sneak-Peek!
Speaking of missions, don’t forget to try out the new LSA Mission! Here’s a hint: In order to get the WHOLE story, you’ll need to purchase some BOXING TRAINING!  😉

Oh! I just remembered; I’m not going to act as if I stole this post from Club Penguin’s What’s New blog, so just saying that you should go check it out in the Community Section of the CP Site.

Let me just tell you a couple of surprises:
-The Blog includes a PICTURE of the mission sneak-peek!

-Rockhopper’s coming soon, but I think Billybob said that he just heard it from a rumor. (Which is probably true, since Rockhopper’s coming for the Coins for Change program.)

-The new mission has something to do with a puffle and an easel, I can tell you that…


Well, when or if the mission is out, check it out and tell me what you think of it! If you’re not a PSA Agent yet, be sure to log onto Club Penguin if you’re 30 days or older and click the M Badge at the top right corner of the screen, and take the quiz to apply for the PSA. The next time you log on, you’ll be an agent! To confirm this, you’ll see a blue cell phone at the bottom of your screen. (Left bottom corner.) You just finish the test, simply log off and quickly log back on. Done!

Good Luck with the coming-soon PSA mission and the new LSA Mission!  😉

Until Then..


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  1. i took the second quiz and i got all ten right but got ninety

    2 Tails6000 90

    • hawk
    • December 11th, 2008

    Herberts going to mind control puffles to paint for him so he can sell them and then get enough money to buy a bigger mind control thing so he can mind control the penguins to give him what ever he wants then rule them and un mind control them so he can make them cry and be sad because hes just mean.

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