Secret Sleuth Game Glitch

Update: Congrats to Jiggychu for being the very first to complete Mission 2!! You have gained 15 LSA Points in this mission.

Okay, many of you have taken the quiz to get some cold, hard LSA Points… but there’s been a GLITCH with Question #10!!! If you did not say “Mayo is helping other agents” for question 10, please comment below what your real answer was and I’ll get back to you, IF you have the correct answer after all.

Also, wanted to talk to you about Mission 2. Many of you are getting stuck right in the middle of it. Here’s some tips to help you beat the game:

Note anything that may be out of the ordinary

Some questions are tricky. If you make a mistake, use the back button.

If you fail the mission by just one clumsy move, you can always go back with the back button!

Record all the passwords and codes you gain on a notepad. For the “Follow Kayla into the Kitchen” part, the last paragraph tells you were to locate the next code. The code is made up of 3 WORDS, in case you haven’t read my comment there yet.

Think, think, THINK! Think about the characters and their traits. What would they have done if a certain problem/conflict/situation happened? Think about what they would do, good or bad.

These tips should help you a lot. Many of you get confused at the Kayla in the Kitchen and some other part. If you give up and need a walkthrough*, just let me know right here!

WARNING: Walkthroughs will give away the ENTIRE mission, so this means you’re absolutely doing NOTHING at all, besides cheating with the walkthrough. Even if you want to solve just one problem in the mission but would like a walkthrough, you’ll either have to solve the entire mission yourself or just look at the section you need.

**NOTE: In order to get a walkthrough, you MUST e-mail me and have memory space left in your computer.



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  1. somehow theres a glitch where when i get all the questions right i still get 90% on it

  2. Ok, well you get the LSA Points! 😉

    • jigglychu
    • December 5th, 2008

    Me too! I had them all right too! But I got 90%!

    ~Pokemon Master~

  3. yay!

  4. well i got alot of nintys though but a few then BOXING!

  5. im gonna get 100% this time ill tell later

  6. i got ninety but i got all right

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