Sorry, I was away at TUCSON, ARIZONA!!! :D

Today I have 3 things to say…

Places I went to besides Southern Tucson, Arizona for Thanksgiving

-El Centro (where my friend, Becky, went to for Thanksgiving, also!)

-Tombstone, Arizona (to go inside a mine and look at silver and all, but unfortunately, only my brother and dad got to see them because my mom had to take me to the restroom.   😦    )

-Benson, Arizona (On the way back to my grand uncle’s house in Tucson)
-Calexico (To see my Dad’s cousin, Barbie, and all.)

NOTE: These places aren’t put in order.

To Snowland202: Somebody was impersonating you…

i have changed my mind i dont quit wordpress site or clubpenguin site i just wanna kill Lavaster when i can! I am gonna hack lavaster!
Die Lavaster die!”    Unfortunately, the person who made that comment was Boy Boy 1999, a new viewer of the site.

There’s proof: All his comments went into moderation while I was gone at Arizona, and just now, I checked my 9 comments under moderation. I saw that Boy Boy 1999’s comments were under moderation, and “Snowland’s” comment was, too. How could Boy Boy 1999 respond to “Snowland’s” comment if “Snowland’s” comment was under moderation as well? He could only know this if HE HAD MADE THE COMMENT.
More proof is that Snowland’s e-mail was just random letters. She wouldn’t put a fake e-mail like THAT! I know nearly everyone’s e-mail, so there was something really fishy. I checked something else (not saying what so Boy Boy 1999 doesn’t get any ideas) and the things matched each other, so it was obvious that Boy Boy 1999 was impersonating Snowland202.

And get this: Snowland TOLD ME the other day she quit WordPress, and she wouldn’t change her mind, so why so suddenly change her mind about quitting WordPress? Plus, she said she wouldn’t comment much on my site because of that.

There’s more proof, but just right now, I forgot what the other evidence was.  😐

Requests to become Site Admins

First of all, only the people who are new to my site ask to be mods/admins of this site. That’s DRASTIC AND CRAZY!!! Only people who actually KNOW ME enough know that I can’t trust anyone with this job, AND that I just don’t need the help.
Secondly, Boy Boy 1999 asked to be one. His first comment. How could I let him if he had impersonated Snowland202? Besides, I wouldn’t add him, anyway, because I never do.

Third, remember the time when Bell deleted all my pages? Yeaaaah…. he was mad at me, and I don’t want anything like that to happen again, especially to the hard work I put into Planet Earth.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, let me know right here! Thanks!

P.S. I’ll be working on posting Hawk’s P.E. person up, and I’ll also be working on… DANG, WHAT’S UP WITH ME AND MY MEMORY LOSS??!?!?! (Okay, I don’t really have memory loss, I just forgot my— OH YEAH!!) Nevermind, I remember now.

I’ll also be working on a *NEW* LSA MISSION!!!   😀

But first, I need ideas. Anyone got some really cool ideas I can use for my new mission? Thanks again!

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    • Snowland202 (notloggedin)
    • November 30th, 2008

    Hey guys! I am NOT an impersonator, Lavaster can check to make sure. I have made a new account: Snowland303. I will be using it from now on to comment in my free time. To confirm, I’ll comment on Snowland303 right after this.

    • snowland303
    • November 30th, 2008

    It’s me again! Ok, I’ve said all I need to about the switching of accounts. Lavaster, I wouldn’t trust anyone to help be a Site Admin. And now that Thanksgiving break is gone, I probably won’t be able to come on for a while. See ya later!

    • Xfadeaway
    • December 1st, 2008

    I know an idea for the LSA mission..

    There was a penguin who had too much coffee and suddenly – BANG! He spilled the coffee all over the room and suddenly there became a fire. Your job is to find out who was drinking too much coffee, and how the fire happened just when coffee spilled all over the floor!

    • hawk
    • December 1st, 2008

    hmmmmmmmmm……. dunno about the mission thanks for making me a pe person. have to type this fast something happening hawk out

  1. Good idea, Xfadeaway! I’m still waiting for a few more ideas for Mission THREE… 🙂

  2. i got an idea!

    when i saw sensei talking to mayo about a secret surprise lsa party he tells us to get the stuff for the party unless jasons ghost trys to get us in some way i know my ides stupid or somthing
    Lavaster: Good Idea! I’ll keep that one in mind! 😉

  3. thanks

  4. hi,
    this is Matt from i would like to say you MUST DELETE this post within 24 hours or we will ban your site!!!!!
    thank you if you have any questions please e-mail us at:
    Thank you
    Lavaster: OMG EZELLPROP WHOEVER YOU’RE IMPERSONATING AGAIN!!! Gawd, you want EVERYTHING, don’t you? Bunch of grammar mistakes.. Obviously NOT Matt.

    • Ezellpropert, may you please stop impersonating people? It just shows that you are a bad person who wants everything to be their way.

    • You only posted this to get your name cleared off!!! WHAT THE FREAK!!

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