Did anyone miss me? Kidding! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

I’m BAAAAAACK from Sixth Grade Camp, Camp MARSTON!!! Here are the experiences I had there.

Monday- Camp Marston Arrival

I got a LODGE, not a cabin! Yaaaaaay! It has a living room, too, and the bathrooms are even cleaner than the school bathrooms, and possibly MY bathrooms! There’s two of them.

I met my “cabin” mates, a.k.a. roommates, a.k.a. dorm mates. My school went with another school, and I was in “cabin” Shasta. The cabin I was sharing my lodge with was Sierra.

An asterisk (*) means the girl was from my school. The girls from the other school will be marked with a ^.






-Samantha #1 *  (The other Samantha from Sierra also had her last name starting with an S, that’s the same with Samantha #2.)






And a few more I don’t remember the names of! I think I got all the people from my school…

I didn’t claim a bed once I arrived, so at night, the camp “boss”, or one of them, came over and she asked me where I slept. I told her I didn’t have a bed, so she looked for one and I got a bed. It turns out the girls in the last dorm from Shasta were using the extra bed (mine) for a changing room and a bed to put their suitcases on! It was really spacey, so that’s why they used it until I claimed it. I still let them use it to change, with my permission!

Tuesday- Second Day at Camp

All-day activities, hikes, and… my favorite education class was the Outdoor Living one, with my instructor, ABBY!!! Abby and Kayla J, the best instructors, are the most fun, nice, know what kids like and want, they’re cool, and THEY ARE JUST AWESOME! They have nothing to improve on, because they are 99.9% perfect conselors!

Anyways, Tuesday was okay with me.

Wednesday- Rock-Climbing the Tall Tower and the Night Hike

Heard of the Rock-Climbing Tower? Heard the rumors that it’s extremely difficult? Those rumors are TRUE! I cried at the end because I felt nauseous, like I had felt like certain times of the beginning of the week, especially before and after showers. (Two showers out of the 4 nights and 5 days there, each 2 minutes only! VANESSA FROM SIERRA CHEATED AND TOOK LIKE A 10-MINUTE SHOWER!!!)

The Night Hike was basically the best activity at camp! I saw Jupiter, the Milky Way, 3 shooting stars, and even ANOTHER GALAXY! (Which, by the way, looked like a star from the naked eye on Earth.) I also ate lifesavers that, when I chewed, GLITTERED in my mouth!

Thursday- Canoe day, Archery, Skit Night, Candlelight Ceremony

I canoed, which was REALLY fun, the best outdoors activity (not education, but exercise!) and you should try it with 2 other friends! I also went to archery, but secretly didn’t participate. (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, please! Thank you!) I also TRIED to participate in Skit Night, but I was just a background character (Sierra wasn’t being fair!) and I never got the chance to go on stage, along with other girls.

Candlelight Ceremony. I won’t explain everything, you’ll have to visit Camp Marston and see for yourself, but I chose the core-value Responsibility for my candle because I have to work on that. I’m already respectful, caring, and if I HAD to choose something else, I’d pick Honesty. (I am honest when necessary!)

Friday- Today, Time to Say Good-Bye to my Favorite Instructors/Counselors.

I high-fived Abby, left on the bus, and waved to her. *Sniff, sniff.*

Hey, one thing…

DO YOU LIKE TO PARTY??? (Cassidy, a girl I met in Caticism and was in another lodge, is VERY hyper and would be bouncing and screaming around at this part!)


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are YOU for Halloween? I’m not participating. Somebody said they were going to be Barack Obama. IF I was trick-or-treating, I’d be Sarah Palin. What? It’s not MY problem. It’s YOURS! She’s fine with me, no biggie. But if you start complaining, accusing me of liking Palin for V.P., DUDE, I’D JUST WANNA DRESS AS HER, not like I’d vote for her if I… let’s keep away from politics today, shall we?

“Party” Song that Abby made up at Camp Marston:

P is for Party,

and A is for Alright

R is for Ready

and T is for Tonight

Y is for You,

Cuz you know what to do,


Don’t let your momma know!

Cuz she won’t let you go!
A-huh, a-huh, a-huh!

WADDLE ON, adios!

P.S. For breakfast, there was a costume contest for the instructors, Josh was holding a white board with a drawing of a UFO, saying, “Run, I’m a UFO! Vote for me or I will attack!” and this guy who looks like Jesus combined with Saint Joseph was dressed as The Love Guru. YAAAY, he won first place! Though Josh got a louder cheer!

Some dude was Mr. Adams. He had a moving hand coming from his coat, and when he put a fake lightbulb in his mouth, it lit up.

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    • Belldranit
    • November 1st, 2008

    Happy first day of November! My birthday is in November. I’ll tell you when it is when my birthday starts! (I’ll be 9)

    • Snowland202 (notloggedin)
    • November 1st, 2008

    HIIIII Lavaster!

    • matthew33212
    • November 3rd, 2008

    With the bathroom part of the post i want to see. because my school bathrooms are kinda clean. How bad are the bathrooms at your school? (its a wierd question but im just wonderin)
    ~Matthew33212 (ClubpenguinSpongeTV on youtube)
    Lavaster: The bathrooms are okay, but not as clean as bathrooms in houses. It’s a bit messy in there, with wet toilet paper thrown on the ceiling by other girls, slippery floors, and unflushed/plugged toilets.

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